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Biometric identification via retina scanning with liveness detection
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1. A system for biometric identification via retina scanning with liveness detection, the system comprising:
an image acquisition subsystem including at least one narrow-band laser, the image acquisition system adapted to acquire at least one non-mydriatic image of retinal vasculature and to acquire a series of non-mydriatic laser speckle pattern retinal images;
an image analysis subsystem comprising one or more processors adapted to:
analyze the retinal vasculature image to identify retina blood vessels and generate a map thereof;
identify a plurality of components of the retina blood vessels;
calculate a data set that represents the identified components;
compare the calculated data set representing the components against at least one pre-stored data set representing retina components;
determine whether the calculated data set corresponds to the pre-stored data set;
analyze the series of laser speckle images to verify whether the imaged retina is composed of live tissue by determining if variations in speckle pattern in the series of laser speckle images correspond with one or more if the identified blood vessels; and
determine whether to grant access to a resource based on the correspondence of the calculated data set to the pre-stored data set and verification that the imaged retina is composed of live tissue.