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Methods and devices for refractive correction of eyes
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1. A method of delivering customized ophthalmic lenses for human eyes for high-definition vision, comprising:
determining a cylindrical power of an eye, as well as a cylindrical axis, wherein said cylindrical power and axis are determined from an objective measurement through an objective aberrometer without patient response;
determining a spherical focus power of said eye through a subjective refraction, wherein said subjective refraction involves measuring a vision performance of said eye based on subjective responses to a plurality of refractive corrections;
generating a customized refractive prescription for an ophthalmic lens or for a refractive procedure to produce an optimized astigmatism-free correction by combining said cylindrical power and said cylindrical axis from said objective measurement with said spherical focus power from said subjective refraction, wherein said cylindrical power has a resolution finer than 0.25 D;
submitting said customized refractive prescription to a lens vendor for fabricating a customized ophthalmic lens with a precise control of said cylinder power;
receiving and inspecting said customized ophthalmic lens with an objective lensometer; and
delivering said customized ophthalmic lens to a customer only if a difference between a measured cylindrical power of said customized ophthalmic lens and said cylindrical power is less than 0.1 D.