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Spatial 3D sterioscopic intraoral camera system
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1. A spatial 3D stereoscopic intraoral camera system comprising:
wireless component;
dual side-by-side camera CCD subassemblies;
the sensor subassemblies each having an optical path through a lens disposed to direct light to a CCD;
each lens comprising an optical path through an optical lens or pin hole disposed to direct light on CCD;
the duel side-by-side subassemblies each having a CCD imaging chip converging optical paths of subassemblies by tilt, tilt range of between to off the surface mount plane, or shift, shift gap symmetrical with the duel assembly centerline of between 0.5 mm and 5.0 mm, for focus control to achieve the stereoscopic convergence;
the CCDs operatively connected and mounted on daughterboard's with a lens focal gap of between 0.01 and 3.0 mm each;
each subassembly surrounded by an array of LEDs;
each subassembly surface mounted on a motherboard supporting electronic components for processing the CCD image signals and LEDs power and control,
software instructions in the form of device logic stored in memory for enabling the device, under control of the processors to format the signal images for wireless transport to remote processing system for storage and display in 3D Line Sequential Left-Right Multiplexed Spatial Stereoscopic format; and
each subassembly with programmable logic for frequency sweep through an array of LEDs with source light spectrum spanning from UV to Near Infrared; the LED array source light disposed to enter a beamsplitter in the subassembly adjacent to the lens;
each beamsplitter refracted incoming light from the LEDs to a reference leg optical path normal to the incoming light and with a mirror on the reference path end reflecting reference beam back to beamsplitter and bending toward the subassembly lens;
each LED between the beamsplitter mirror and the lens centerline positioned in a symmetric pattern LED array emitting Near Infrared light from a transparent surface mounted LED package and each beamsplitter having a straight through optical path for illumination and reflected image light recombining with reference light on route to the subassembly lens;
whereby spatial 3D intraoral images are converged and captured by the duel subassemblies for processing and display in stereoscopic rendering and viewing.