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Ventilation assembly
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7. A ventilation assembly configured to vent odors from a toilet, said assembly comprising:
a seat configured to be hingedly attached to a toilet such that said seat is positionable to support a user on the toilet, said seat having a front arm being attached to a back arm, said front arm being arcuate such that said seat forms a closed loop, said seat having a top surface and a bottom surface, said seat having an air space between said top surface and said bottom surface, said seat having an inner edge and an outer edge, said inner edge having a plurality of openings extending into said air space, said openings being spaced apart from each other and being distributed around said inner edge, said outer edge having a pair of apertures extending into said air space, each of said apertures being positioned on opposite sides of said back arm;
a gasket being attached to said seat, said gasket being positioned on said bottom surface, said gasket completely covering said bottom surface wherein said gasket is configured to form a substantially air tight seal between said bottom surface and the toilet, a plurality of drains extending through said gasket; and
a venting unit being operationally coupled to said seat wherein said venting unit is configured to capture odors from the toilet and expel the odors to a remote location, said venting unit comprising:
a fitting having a first end, said first end being open, said first end being insertable into a selected one of said apertures such that said fitting is in fluid communication with each of said openings,
a hose being fluidly coupled to said fitting, said hose being configured to be fluidly coupled to an exhaust duct,
a pump being fluidly coupled to said hose wherein said pump is configured to urge air inwardly through said openings thereby facilitating said seat to remove odors from the toilet, said pump being configured to urge the odors through said hose into the exhaust duct thereby facilitating the odors to be expelled into the exhaust duct, said pump being configured to be electrically coupled to a power source, and
a switch being electrically coupled to said pump, said switch selectively turning said pump on and off.