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1. A portable fluid dispensing device for mounting upon a human hand comprising:
a hand-held applicator that includes a pocket that is configured to receive one hand of a user, the pocket partitioning the hand-held applicator into a rear portion and a front portion;
a fluid reservoir formed in the rear portion for holding a fluid that is to be dispensed; wherein the rear portion includes a first layer and a second layer that are fluidly sealed to one another such that the fluid reservoir is directly defined by and located between the first and second layers, the second layer being a separate layer from the first layer and further defining one layer and face of the pocket and being contactable by the one hand of the user, wherein a footprint of the second layer is less than a footprint of the first layer;
at least one fluid dispensing outlet formed in the front portion and in selective fluid communication with the fluid reservoir for selectively dispensing the fluid through the at least one fluid dispensing outlet; and
a fluid dispensing mechanism in fluid communication with the fluid reservoir and the at least one fluid dispensing outlet and being configured to selectively deliver the fluid from the fluid reservoir to the at least one fluid dispensing outlet through which the fluid is dispensed along the front portion.