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Shoe assembly
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1. A shoe assembly utilizing a cup with a bottom and an opposing lip, for upright support of an article upon a surface in an open environment, said shoe assembly comprising:
(a) a base, said base sized and configured to accommodate the cup bottom and include an extension with a depression disposed therein to receive a portion of the article, wherein said base further comprises a peripheral ridge that forms a part of said base depression, said base also further comprises a receiving slot forming a portion of said base depression, wherein said receiving slot is operational to receive a portion of the article to facilitate retaining different length articles, said base further comprises a receptacle formed from an interface as between said receiving slot and said peripheral ridge, said receptacle is formed as an “U” shaped inlet, wherein said receptacle adds volume to said depression for receiving a portion of the seepage from the article; and
(b) a flexible clip having an inward portion that is disposed upon the lip, said clip having an opposing outward portion with a cradle portion that is disposed opposite of the lip, wherein said cradle portion extends for a full width of said flexible clip along a curved axis to further support the article over the lip facing the bottom in the open environment, wherein said flexible clip is formed as an inverted “U” shaped channel having two parallel flanges that are spaced apart, each said flange having a flange inward portion and a flange outward portion, further said flanges each have an extension from and are joined by a web portion therebetween, wherein said cradle portion includes a continuously curving concave surface disposed on said web that is positioned opposite of said two parallel flange extensions, wherein said continuously curving concave surface is operational to suspend in an adjacent manner the article in an open environment, wherein operationally said cradle portion concave surface retainably suspends an opposing portion of the article over the lip facing the bottom in the open environment, thus the cup retaining a portion of seepage from the article.