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Coffee container with freshness indicator
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1. A beverage server, comprising:
a body defining a reservoir for receiving a beverage, the body including an opening at an upper portion;
a lid removably securable within the opening of the body, the lid including a disk-shaped body extending radially beyond the opening and having thumb plates extending from an upper surface, a housing seated above the disk-shaped body including a vertical display and first and second LED lights, a centrally disposed vertical passage through which the beverage enters, a plug inserted into and received within said vertical passage, and a cylindrical compartment below the disk-shaped body and extending downwardly therefrom, the cylindrical compartment disposed below a threaded engagement between the lid and the reservoir and seated inside the reservoir;
a microprocessor, the cylindrical compartment enclosing the microprocessor below the disk-shaped body;
a downwardly disposed stem projecting from an underside of the cylindrical compartment to a bottom of the reservoir, the downwardly disposed stem including a plurality of vertically spaced liquid detecting capacitive sensors, the sensors communicating a detected fluid level to the microprocessor;
the capacitive sensors further serving as manual input devices having indicia thereon for indicating a function of an input, the manual input devices connected to the microprocessor to control a timer displayed by the vertical display and to program the display;
whereby the vertical display communicates a liquid level and duration of the beverage in the reservoir; and
whereby the vertical display further includes level bars conveying a liquid level in the reservoir.