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Carrying case
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1. A carrying case, comprising:
a bag element for accommodating items, said bag element having a position of use defining an upper edge region, an upper side and an access opening at said upper side;
a dimensionally stable support frame to which said upper edge region of said bag element is fixed in said position of use, rendering said access opening accessible through said support frame; and
a dimensionally stable holding bracket formed in one-piece with said support frame and having a dimensionally stable first projection and a dimensionally stable second projection, said holding bracket permitting the carrying case to be hung from a board-shaped furniture element with said first projection contacting an upper side of the furniture element and said second projection contacting an underside of the furniture element for receiving an edge of the board-shaped furniture element between said first and second projections;
said first and second projections each being substantially straight and extending outward from said support frame in substantially identical directions;
said first and second projections extending substantially parallel to one another providing said holding bracket with an approximately C-shape in a side view; and
said first and second projections having free ends facing away from said support frame and being spaced apart one from another.