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Seating arrangement system
Bobby Lee Stokeley, Brooklyn, NY (US)
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1. A system for securing a predetermined arrangement of movable seats, comprising:
at least one frame, each frame providing a plurality of frame openings;
a base sheet coextensively joined to each said frame;
a plurality of base apertures provided along said base sheet so that one of the base apertures is circumscribed by one of the plurality of frame openings;
a tile pivotally connected to each respective frame opening of the plurality of frame openings to be movable between a closed configuration and an open configuration exposing one of the base apertures, wherein each said tile has a first surface and an opposing second surface, and further comprising at least one attachment point provided by the first surface;
a pair of opposing hinge slots along an inner edge of each said frame opening for pivotally connecting one of the tiles; and
a snap-in protrusion provided by each said second surface; and further comprising a pair of pivotal connectors interconnecting each said snap-in protrusion and each said pair of hinge slots, wherein the snap-in protrusion is arranged to urge said pair of pivotal connectors together.