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Device for releasably connecting a furniture drawer to a guidance unit that moveably guides the drawer in a furniture body
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1. A device for releasably connecting a furniture pull-out to a guidance unit that movably guides the furniture pull-out in a furniture body, comprising:
a base part;
an adjuster arranged on the base part and enabling a position of the furniture pull-out to be set in at least one spatial direction relative to the guidance unit, the adjuster comprising a side adjuster unit to set a position of the furniture pull-out relative to the guidance unit transversely to a longitudinal direction of the guidance unit, the side adjuster unit comprising: an adjusting wheel and a coupling element moveable relative to the adjusting wheel, the coupling element including: a base section to couple with an associated section of the guidance unit; and a threaded shaft onto which the adjusting wheel is screwed; and
a stop mechanism to delimit the travel of the adjuster, the stop mechanism including a springy-elastic component.