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Advanceable and retractable cosmetic brush with adjustable fan-out bristle bundling feature
Ralph DeVito, Oxford, CT (US)
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1. A cosmetic brush, comprising in combination:
a) an elongate handle member and a ferrule thereon, said ferrule having a flare shaped opening at its end remote from the handle member,
b) bearing means mounting the ferrule for turning on the handle member while restraining the ferrule against axial movement thereon,
c) said handle member having a bore and an open end,
d) an elevator member in the handle member bore, and cooperable threads in the bore and on the elevator member, for advancing the latter through the open end of the handle member in response to relative turning of the elevator and handle members,
e) said ferrule and elevator member having cooperable keying means, restraining relative turning movement between the elevator member and ferrule such that they rotate together, and
f) a multi-bristle brush having a plug at one end, said brush plug being mounted to the elevator member and being movable therewith, said brush having at its other end, multiple resilient, flaring bristles whose flare is restricted by their engagement with the inner wall of the flare shaped opening of the ferrule, whereby as the brush is advanced in the ferrule, the flare of the brush increases as enabled by the shape of the ferrule's inner wall, as a consequence of the resilience of the brush bristles.