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Apparatus for dispensing cosmetic material
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1. An apparatus for dispensing cosmetic material, comprising:
a dispensing assembly configured to receive at least one cartridge that contains a cosmetic material and to dispense a specified amount of the cosmetic material from the cartridge into a receiving area;
a memory configured to receive and store dispensing information which includes the specified amount of the cosmetic material to be dispensed for each cartridge disposed in the dispensing assembly to achieve a specified single use of a cosmetic application; and
circuitry configured to obtain the dispensing information from the memory and to control the dispensing assembly to dispense the cosmetic material from each cartridge disposed in the dispensing assembly into the receiving area according to the one or more specified amounts included in the dispensing information,
wherein the receiving area is configured to be part of a detachable portion of the apparatus, the detachable portion is configured to be an enclosed container that holds the dispensed cosmetic material, and the apparatus further comprises:
a manifold, having a plurality of manifold through holes, the manifold connected to and disposed on a nozzle of the cartridge, the receiving area being connected to and disposed above the manifold,
wherein the circuitry controls the dispensing assembly to dispense a quantity of cosmetic material from the nozzle of the cartridge through one manifold through hole of the manifold, and into the receiving area.