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Apparatus and methods for providing samples external to the packaging of a product
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1. An apparatus comprising:
a product container;
a product package disposed around at least a portion of the product container;
a sample package having a body with a sidewall defining a first end, a second end, a closed perimeter, an internal surface, and an external surface;
a product sample coupled to the body such that a portion of the body is disposed between the product sample and the product package; and
a reservoir coupled to the body;
where the product sample is disposed in the reservoir, where the body is configured to be disposed over the product package such that the product package extends through the first end of the body, the internal surface of the body faces toward the product package, and the external surface faces away from the product package;
where the body is folded along at least a part of the first end or second end to define a first portion of the body and a second portion of the body that overlaps the first portion; and
where at least a portion of the reservoir is disposed between the first portion and the second portion, the first portion including an opening, and the reservoir comprises a peripheral portion that extends laterally from the reservoir and is larger than the opening.