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Removable fastener for a loop shank button
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1. A removable fastener for retaining a loop shank button in a buttonhole of a garment, the loop shank button including an ornamental body and a loop shank protruding from a back face thereof, the removable fastener comprising:
a one piece planar disk having a margin and a central portion within said margin that is selectively cut out to define a pair of mutually parallel deflectable legs having free ends that are spaced from said margin and base ends that are joined to said margin, said margin including a region that bridges the bases of said legs and a user manipulated tab extending outward away from the region of said margin that bridges the bases of said legs, said deflectable legs being sized and spaced to permit their insertion through said loop shank, and notched substantially at mid-length to define a detent position in which the loop shank seats to securely attach said one piece planar disk to said loop shank and thereby retain said loop shank button in said buttonhole.