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Cap or similar headwear having luminous means incorporated in the decorative and/or in the promotional elements
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1. A headwear apparatus, comprising:
a cap (B) formed by a crown (cp) and brim (ab) whose outer surfaces are provided with decorative elements (ED) selected from the group consisting of logos, figures, inscriptions, and a combination thereof,
a luminous means (1) accompanying said decorative elements (ED), said luminous means (1) configured by optical fiber filaments (F) illuminated by separate LEDs (L), by a string of LEDs (L1), or by LED chips (L2),
said luminous means in the form of optical fiber (F) make up a bunch (F1) coupled to a tubular shirt (4) that is provided with an end incorporated to said decorative element (ED) and another end coupled to said LED (L) that is connected to an electrical circuit (CE) formed by a printed circuit board (5) and a power source (6) with an integrated command box (6A) provided with a switch bottom (b1),
wherein said switch bottom is placed on a lower surface of the cap brim (ab),
said optical fiber filaments incorporated to said decorative elements (ED), thus forming a partial or integral luminous surface (SL) in the cap (B) outer surface,
said command box (2) programmed to issue lightening from said LEDs in the form of a constant light or a mode of lightening,
said luminous means (1) and said electrical circuit (CE) located under said decorative element (ED) at the inner side of the cap crown (cp).