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1. Clothing having a body including a front body and a back body, wherein 1) a material constituting the front body and a material constituting the back body are the same, 2) a chest width of the back body is shorter than a chest width of the front body, 3) the back body is composed of a plurality of back body parts joined, 4) the plurality of back body parts has such a shape that a cutting out portion is formed when these back body parts are arranged in a plane without being joined, and when the plurality of back body parts is joined, a joint region closing the cutting out portion is configured to pass from superior angle of scapula to angulus inferior scapulae of a human body between the left scapula and the right scapula, and 5) a ratio of the chest width of the front body to the chest width of the back body (chest width of front body/chest width of back body) is 1.1 or more.