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Food preparation and method
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1. A method of preparing a food item, comprising the steps of:
placing a first food element in a package base, the first food element consisting of cheese;
placing a second food element in the package base on top of the first food element, the second food element comprising at least one meat and consisting of a core structure;
adding a package top onto the package base to create a sealable package;
withdrawing air from the package with a vacuum to seal the package and draw the first food element at least partially around the second food element, thereby forming an uncooked, packaged, vacuum-sealed food item;
cooking the uncooked, packaged, vacuum-sealed food item by a sous vide cooking method to form a cooked, packaged, vacuum-sealed food product in which the first food element substantially envelops the second food element in the sealed package to form an outermost layer of the food product that remains external to the core structure, each food element remaining distinct after cooking.