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Method for manufacturing a confectionery shell
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1. A method for producing a confectionery shell comprising the steps of:
(i) depositing into a mould cavity an edible liquid and one or more pieces of solidified edible material having a different composition to that of the edible liquid;
(ii) pressing the edible liquid against a wall of the mould cavity using a stamp having a surface temperature below a solidification temperature of the edible liquid so as to shape and at least partially solidify the edible liquid in the mould cavity and cause part of the edible liquid to be ejected from the mould cavity wherein at least part of the ejected edible liquid is contiguous with the edible liquid inside the mould cavity;
(iii) removing the stamp from the mould cavity; and
(iv) removing edible liquid ejected from the mould cavity or material formed from ejected edible liquid by passing one or more scraping devices outwardly over a boundary of the mould cavity in two or more different outward directions from a mould cavity side of the boundary toward a non-cavity side of the boundary at an applied scraping angle θ relative to the direction of scraping.