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Quick release head assembly on cotton candy machine
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1. A quick release apparatus for attachment of a spinner head assembly having a motor shaft receiver to a cotton candy machine electric motor having an output shaft along a motor shaft rotational axis comprising:
a. a quick release between the spinner head assembly and the electric motor along the output shaft comprising:
i. a two piece releasable mating connection between first and second portions allowing the second portion to slide over the first portion along the motor shaft rotational axis;
ii. a spring clip radial receiving slot through the second portion;
iii. a radial groove in the first portion;
iv. a removable externally-accessible spring clip comprising resilient opposite arms that are extended substantially parallel to one another;
v. the spring clip and the groove being related such that when the second portion slides over the first portion and the slot and groove align, the spring clip resiliently is mounted around an exterior portion of the second portion, and has a part which engages the groove in the first portion through the slot in the second portion, wherein inner sides of the arms of the spring clip install into the slot of the second portion and then are urged to snap-in to the radial groove in the first portion, to prevent separation along the rotational axis of the output shaft of the first and second portions but allows quick release detachment of the spinner head assembly from the motor by overcoming holding three of the spring clip in the groove.