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Remote-controlled cage trap door-opening mechanism
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1. An animal trap comprising:
an animal enclosure having a roof, a closed rear end and a front end with an animal access opening into an interior sized to receive an animal to be trapped;
an entry door movably mounted at the access opening, the door operative in an opened position to reveal the animal access opening and in a closed position to block the animal access opening;
a set mechanism operative with said door and movable from a first position in which the door is in the closed position, to a second position in which the door is in the opened position, said set mechanism being moved toward said door to reach said first position and being moved away from said door to reach said second position;
a trip mechanism for actuating the set mechanism to cause the set mechanism to move from the second position to the first position, allowing the door to close and trap the animal in the animal enclosure;
a remote control unit capable of communicating with said trap at a distance away from said trap by transmitting wireless signals;
a receiver associated with the trap and configured to receive said wireless signals from said remote control unit; and
a door-opening mechanism mounted to said trap and remotely activated when said receiver receives one of said wireless signals from the remote control unit to move the set mechanism from the first position to the second position to remotely open the door and release the animal.