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Locking fishing reel seat
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1. A reel seat adapted to releasably interconnect a reel foot of a fishing reel to a fishing rod, the reel seat comprising:
a body having a first hood with a shape adapted to retain a first end of the reel foot;
a second hood slideably interconnected to the body, the second hood having a shape adapted to retain a second end of the reel foot;
a lever having a pivot end and a grip end, the pivot end pivotally interconnected to the body at a first pivot point, wherein the first pivot point is affixed to and stationary with respect to the body; and
a linkage having a lever end and a hood end, the lever end of the linkage pivotally interconnected to the lever at a second pivot point between the first pivot point and the grip end, and the hood end of the linkage pivotally interconnected to the second hood at a third pivot point, wherein a rotational force applied to the grip end of the lever is translated through the linkage to the second hood to move the second hood toward the first hood to compressively interconnect the reel foot in the reel seat.