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Device control method for estimating a state of an animal and for determining a control detail for an electronic device
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1. An electronic device comprising:
a living thing state estimator that determines whether or not at least an animal other than a human is present in a space in which the electronic device is disposed, based on information on the space, and estimates a state of the animal that is determined to be present, the information being detected by a detector;
a control detail determiner that determines a control detail for the electronic device, according to a result determined by the living thing state estimator or the estimated state of the animal; and
an outputter that performs a predetermined operation,
wherein, as long as the state of the animal is estimated to be an awake state by the living thing state estimator or when a change in the state of the animal from a sleeping state to the awake state is estimated by the living thing state estimator,
the control detail determiner causes the outputter to perform an operation, as the predetermined operation, which is indicated by the control detail corresponding to the awake state.