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Plant cultivating container
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1. A plant cultivating container, said container comprising
a hollow cell for holding a growing medium and a plant, said cell having side walls, a base and an open top;
air vents disposed on the side walls of said cell, said vents including openings that allow air flow therethrough for air pruning of plant roots, and wherein said vents further include movable retaining flaps biased inwardly for supplementary pruning of plant roots;
said base being vertically-movable and having guide tabs, said tabs are disposed such that each tab is extendable through an air vent;
whereby, when said base is pushed upwards to eject the cultivated plant, the vertical movement of the base is guided by engagement of said tabs with said retaining flaps within said air vents resulting in uniform support at all sides of the base, thereby enabling removal of the growing medium and the plant cultivated within it, in a substantially compact unit resulting in minimized root damage and transplant shock to the cultivated plant.