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Vertical living wall planter
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5. A vertical planting system comprising a tray, a wire grid having a plurality of openings, a top, bottom, two sides, and a U-shaped track along the two sides and the top, and a liner; wherein said tray comprises two sides, a top, a bottom, a back, and at least one partition; wherein said at least one partition is secured to said tray bottom and sides and oriented towards the vertical at an angle of about 60 to 89 degrees; and wherein said at least one partition comprises at least one hole extending through said partition; said tray further comprises at least three tray rails, one aligned along said top of the tray in a horizontal orientation and two aligned along the two sides of the tray in a vertical orientation; wherein said U-shaped track of said wire grid, selectively engages with the vertically oriented tray rails so as to allow said tracks to slide along the sides of the tray rails, and a third U-shaped track along the top of said wire grid, which secures around the top side of the tray rail; further wherein said liner comprises openings cut at predetermined positions to align with the wire grid.