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Handheld apparatus and method for trimming a plant
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1. A plant trimming apparatus comprising:
a wand having a wand longitudinal axis, the wand comprising:
a wand inlet tube defining a void and having a proximal end and a distal end opposite the proximal end, the wand inlet tube comprising an elongate slot placing the void in fluid communication with an exterior of the wand inlet tube, the elongate slot being in a side of the tube and substantially aligned in the longitudinal direction;
an outlet port having a first bore parallel to the wand longitudinal axis and a second bore, the proximal end of the wand inlet tube receivable in the first bore, the second bore in fluid communication with the void, the second bore being configured to be coupled with a vacuum source;
a cutting element rotatably contained in the void defined by the wand inlet tube and having a cutting surface spaced at a distance from the rotational center of the cutting element, and
a handle; and a motor;
a drive configured to couple the motor to the cutting element such that the motor rotates the cutting element; wherein
the wand inlet tube has a first inner diameter with an axis at a geometric center of the wand inlet tube that is parallel to the longitudinal direction, and the rotational center of the cutting element is parallel to the longitudinal direction and offset from the inlet tube axis.