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Tucker finger over-center protection
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1. A tucker finger control assembly, comprising: a tucker finger control shaft mounted for oscillating about a horizontal transverse axis; an elongate tucker finger mounted for pivoting in a desired working range about an upright axis between a standby position and a working position; a fore-and-aft extending, length-adjustable tucker finger motion transfer link extending between, and having opposite ends respectively pivotally coupled to, the tucker finger control shaft and the tucker finger for selectively moving said tucker finger between said standby and working positions; an operating linkage for connecting the tucker finger to the tucker finger motion transfer link; and a hard stop arrangement being provided for engaging one of said motion transfer link and said tucker finger in the event said tucker finger, when being pivoted from said working position to said standby position, is pivoted a predetermined minimal distance beyond said standby position before the operating linkage is driven over-center.