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Harvesting system having a self-propelled harvesting machine
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1. A self-propelled harvesting machine, comprising:
multiple working units for processing crop picked up from a field;
a driver assistance system for sensor-supported control of the working units, the driver assistance system comprising a memory for storing data and a computing unit for processing the data;
an environmental sensor system for detecting environmental information that influences a harvesting process and that has one or more spatial areas of applicability located in an environment of the harvesting machine; and
a functional system model for at least one part of the harvesting machine that is stored in the memory;
wherein the computing unit functions as a characteristic control based on the functional system model, autonomously determines machine parameters of a particular working unit of the multiple working units and specifies the determined machine parameters to the particular working unit; and
wherein during the autonomous determination of the machine parameters, the computing unit: defines or modifies the system model based on the environmental information, superimposes a control circuit based on the environmental information, on the characteristic control, or both.