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Seeding machine with seed delivery system
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1. A seeding machine for a row unit having a seed meter with a plurality of apertures through which an air pressure differential is applied to retain seed thereon, the seed meter movable to convey seed from a seed reservoir, the seeding machine comprising:
a seed delivery apparatus including
an elongated housing having a first opening through which seed is received into the seed delivery apparatus, having a second opening through which seed exits the seed delivery apparatus, and defining an interior chamber along which seed is conveyed from the first opening to the second opening;
a first pulley,
a second pulley,
an endless member driven by the first pulley and/or the second pulley, the endless member movable within the interior chamber of the elongated housing to receive seed from the first opening and convey seed to the second opening; and
a loading surface stationary relative to the elongated housing and positioned to contact and guide seed toward the endless member.