United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 07 August 2007

                      37 CFR  1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications with
a petition under 37 CFR  1.47 requesting the acceptance of the application
without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor is deceased,
the legal representative of the deceased inventor.  The petition in each
application has been granted.  A notice has been sent to the last known
address of the non-signing inventor or legal representative.  The inventors
or legal representatives whose signatures are missing may join in the
application by promptly filing an oath or declaration complying with
37 CFR  1.63.

Application                     or Legal
No.             Filing Date     Representative(s)    Title of Invention

09/737,930      Dec. 15, 2000   Jeff  Reichard       Method And Apparatus
                                                     For Transmitting Data

10/214,946      Aug. 8, 2002    Jeffrey L. Allen     System And Method For
                                Bryan Leggo          Cash Management
                                Paul A. Lindo
                                Oliver Rist

10/431,302      May 6, 2003     Huasheng Su          Computer Program
                                                     Method And Apparatus
                                                     To Recognize And
                                                     Normalize Data Pattern
                                                     Based Information

10/437,321      May 13, 2003    Nayan Jayant         Engineer Integrated
                                                     Pzev Module

10/603,167      Jun. 24, 2003   Thadd C. Reeder      SLC38A6 Gene
                                                     And Methods
                                                     Related Thereto

10/603,203      Jun. 24, 2003   Thadd C. Reeder      SLC7A6 Gene
                                                     And Methods
                                                     Related Thereto

10/611,563      Jun. 30, 2003   Alexandra Mayers     Transparent
                                                     Transaction Card

10/619,066      Jul. 14, 2003   Victor M. Garcia     Method And System
                                                     For Video Poker

10/622,294      Jul. 18, 2003   David Chown          Transmission Of
                                                     Supervisory Data
                                                     In An Optical

10/635,913      Aug. 7, 2003    Joo-Sun Choi         Ring-Resister
                                Seong-Hoon Lee       Controlled DLL
                                                     With Fine Delay
                                                     Line And Direct
                                                     Skew Sensing Detector

10/639,686      Aug. 13, 2003   Larry Fish           Integrated DVB
                                Ian Lerner           Receiver-Decoder
                                Roswell Roberts
                                Lowell Teschmacher

10/671,849      Sep. 25, 2003   Zhou (Mike) Hong     Anti-Aliasing Line
                                                     Pixel Coverage
                                                     Calculation Using
                                                     Programmable Shader

10/676,607      Oct. 1, 2003    Brian Davis          Fuel Pump Monitoring
                                                     System And
                                                     Associated Method

10/693,697      Oct. 23, 2003   Don Hush             Method Of Addressing
                                Clifton W. Wood,     Messages, Method Of
                                 Jr.                 Establishing Wireless
                                                     Communications, And
                                                     Communications System

10/703,208      Nov. 6, 2003    Klaus Becker         Platen For An
                                                     Injection Molding
                                                     Machine, And Two-
                                                     Platen Injection
                                                     Molding Machine
                                                     Equipped With Such
                                                     A Platen

10/717,995      Nov. 20, 2003   James A. Proctor,    Method And Apparatus
                                 Jr.                 For Allowing Soft
                                                     Handoff Of A CDMA
                                                     Reverse Link
                                                     Utilizing An
                                                     Orthogonal Channel

10/729,470      Dec. 5, 2003    William Hung Nguyen  Yellowing Prevention
                                                     Of Cellulose-Based
                                                     Consumer Products

10/756,936      Jan. 13, 2004   Dr. Shaoher X. Pan   Reflective Spatial
                                                     Light Modulator