United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 26 June 2007

                     37 CFR Sec. 1.47 Notice by Publication

        Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following
applications with a petition under 37 CFR Sec. 1.47 requesting the
acceptance of the application without the signature of all inventors
or, if the inventor is deceased, the legal representative of the
deceased inventor. The petition in each application has been granted. A
notice has been sent to the last known address of the non-signing
inventor or legal representative. The inventors or legal
representatives whose signatures are missing may join in the
application by promptly filing an oath or declaration complying with 37
CFR Sec. 1.63.

Application No. Filing Date     Non-Signing Inventor(s) Title of Invention
                                or Legal

09/421,718      Oct. 20, 1999   Joseph S. Christie      System And Method
                                Jean M. Christie        For Interfacing A
                                                        Local Communication

09/435,200      Nov. 5, 1999    Mark Josephsen          Method For
                                                        Compression Of
                                                        Scanned Data

09/579,428      May 26, 2000    John A. Scott           Fault Tolerant
                                                        Shared System
                                                        Resource With
                                                        Communications Pass
                                                        Through Providing
                                                        High Availability

10/004,671      Dec. 4, 2001    Larry Brasfield         Air Travel
                                Scott Blachowicz        Information And
                                Barry Davis             Computer Data
                                David Helms             Compilation,
                                Dennis Howard           Retrieval And
                                Craig Paynter           Display Method And
                                Randy Robertson         System

10/198,647      Jul. 17, 2002   Robert Muller           Auto Headlamp
                                                        Module With
                                                        Integrated Photocell

10/218,923      Aug. 14, 2002   Han Leng Marshall Yoe   Personal Care Device

10/342,709      Jan. 14, 2003   John D. Barr            System And Method
                                Pannaga Kotla           For Security Of
                                                        Computing Devices

10/364,686      Feb. 11, 2003   Alice Silverburg        Securing Neighbor
                                                        Discovery Using
                                                        Address Based Keys

10/403,676      Mar. 31, 2003   Denise Lepley           Therapeutic
                                Bryan D. Zerhusen       Polypeptides,
                                                        Nucleic Acids
                                                        Encoding Same, And
                                                        Methods Of Use

10/413,559      Apr. 15, 2003   Robert Schmitz          Method And Apparatus
                                                        For Adaptive Control
                                                        And Protection Of
                                                        Hybrid Electric
                                                        Vehicle Systems

10/432,149      May 24, 2001    David Hone              Method For
                                                        Introducing And
                                                        Expressing Genes
                                                        In Animal Cells,
                                                        And Bacterial Blebs
                                                        For Use In Same

10/437,559      May 13, 2003    Scott Gustafson         Polyimide Matrix

10/457,696      Jun. 5, 2003    Shane T. Agabon         Sub-Audible Speech
                                                        Recognition Based

10/600,483      Jun. 19, 2003   Grace Park              System And Method
                                                        For Facilitating A
                                                        Subsidiary Card

10/603,161      Jun. 24, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       EDG6 Disruptions,
                                Thadd C. Reeder         Compositions And
                                                        Methods Related

10/603,162      Jun. 24, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       Orexin Receptor 1
                                                        (OX1R) Disruptions,
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Relating

10/603,176      Jun. 24, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       SLC7All Gene
                                Thadd C. Reeder         Disruptions,
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Related

10/603,180      Jun. 24, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       NAT-1 Gene
                                Thadd C. Reeder         Disruptions,
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Related

10/603,181      Jun. 24, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       Seven Transmembrane
                                Thadd C. Reeder         Receptor-Like
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Relating

10/603,194      Jun. 24, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       GPR 72 Precursor
                                Thadd C. Reeder         Putative
                                                        Induced Receptor
                                                        Gene Disruptions,
                                                        And Compositions
                                                        And Methods Related

10/603,200      Jun. 24, 2003   Thadd C. Reeder         CACNG5 Calcium
                                                        Channel Gene
                                                        Compositions, And
                                                        Methods Related

10/606,634      Jun. 26, 2003   Gille Bos               Injector For A
                                                        Flexible Implant

10/615,295      Jul. 9, 2003    Harvey Schneider        Rotor Speed Control
                                                        Device And Method

10/641,931      Aug. 15, 2003   Herve Bonavita          Method And Device
                                                        For Obtaining A
                                                        Digital Panoramic
                                                        Image Of Constant

10/651,074      Aug. 28, 2003   Valeriu Smiricinschi    Method And Apparatus
                                                        For Reduction Of Gas
                                                        Bubble Formation Due
                                                        To Gas Diffusion
                                                        Through Liquids
                                                        Contained In Pores

10/655,734      Sep. 5, 2003    John Hawkins            Dual Air Venilation

10/665,909      Sep. 18, 2003   Noah Bernard            Multi-Density
                                                        Lasting Board

10/667,021      Sep. 18, 2003   Robert Moss             Methods And
                                                        Structure For Scan
                                                        Testing Of Secure

10/672,045      Sep. 26, 2003   Abdel M. Zellou         Reservoir Fracture

10/676,615      Oct. 1, 2003    Thomas V. Lozito        Self-Powered
                                                        Motorized Window

10/689,920      Oct. 20, 2003   Dr. Shapur Sahba        Multi-Resonant
                                                        Magnetic Dipole

10/697,506      Oct. 29, 2003   Sheldon Aronowitz       Vaporization And
                                                        Handling Of Metals
                                                        For Use In

10/744,790      Dec. 23, 2003   Peter D. Ascanio        Isothermal Thin
                                                        Film Heater