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                     37 CFR Sec. 1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications with
a petition under 37 CFR Sec. 1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
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deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The petition
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CFR Sec. 1.63.

Application No. Filing Date     Non-Signing Inventor(s) Title of Invention

29/162,574      Jun. 18, 2002   Mario Acevedo           Appliance Stand

29/192,656      Oct. 28, 2003   Billy Joe Ratliff, Jr.  Tire Tread

09/296,133      Apr. 22, 1999   Dieter Schulz           Vessel Electrode

09/551,493      Jan. 9, 2003    Francois Durnez         Multipoint-To-Point
                                                        TDMA System Using A
                                                        Particular Burst
                                                        Structure And A

09/891,875      Jun. 25, 2001   Harold Cote             Computer Gambling

09/949,201      Sep. 7, 2001    Daniel Gibbons          Automatic
                                Ann Dawkins             Verification

10/037,544      Dec. 21, 2001   Norman Ken Ouchi        Systems And Methods
                                                        For Organizing And
                                                        Validating Data In

10/062,925      Jan. 30, 2003   Dr. Karen Klein         Methods Of
                                                        Assessing The Effect
                                                        Of A Gene Interest
                                                        On Human Prostrate
                                                        Cancer Progression

10/178,299      Jun. 25, 2002   Charles-Henry Jurd      Method And Device
                                Houmad Tighezza         For Determining The
                                                        Voice Quality
                                                        Degradation Of A

10/211,997      Aug. 1, 2002    George A. Shababb       Automated Data
                                                        Collection For

10/237,557      Sep. 6, 2002    Anant Sahai             System And Method
                                                        To Estimate The
                                                        Location Of A

10/272,441      Oct. 16, 2002   Anant Sahai             System, Method,
                                                        Apparatus and Means
                                                        For Constructing
                                                        Building Tomography
                                                        And Timing

10/286,467      Oct. 31, 2002   Robert P. Steidl        Inbred Corn Line

10/287,808      Nov. 5, 2002    Qingbo Li               System And Method
                                                        For Temperature
                                                        Gradient Capillary

10/294,006      Nov. 12, 2002   Tom Wehrman             Novel Nucleic Acids
                                                        And Polypeptides

10/313,525      Dec. 6, 2002    Alex Loucaides          System And Method
                                                        For Communicating
                                                        Data To A Process

10/319,392      Dec. 12, 2002   John A. Carlson         Control Of A Feed
                                                        System Of A
                                                        Grinding Machine

10/334,683      Dec. 31, 2002   Anant Sahai             Narrowband Noise
                                                        Mitigation In
                                                        Signal Processing

10/341,335      Jan. 10, 2003   Lawrence A. King        System And Method
                                Victor A. Riley         For Automated
                                                        And Responding
                                                        To The Behavior
                                                        Of An Actor

10/354,731      Jan. 30, 2003   Paul A. Lach            Method And System
                                                        For Managing Real
                                                        Time Data

10/358,859      Feb. 5, 2003    Michael Koechlin        Master Frequency

10/359,555      Feb. 7, 2003    Sandra Lodwig           System And Method
                                Richard Lodwig          For Doppler Track
                                                        Correlation For
                                                        Debris Tracking

10/365,685      Feb. 12, 2003   Wayne J. Bowers         Method And
                                                        Apparatus For

10/371,982      Feb. 21, 2003   Richard Reng            Speech Recognition

10/383,873      Mar. 7, 2003    David Chiel             Fruit Harvester
                                Eitan Zehavi            Including
                                                        Pivotable Fruit
                                                        Deflector And
                                                        Associated Methods

10/384,189      Mar. 7, 2003    David Chiel             Fruit Harvester
                                Eitan Zehavi            Including
                                                        Telescoping Boom
                                                        And Related Methods

10/386,362      Mar. 10, 2003   Eric Hillerbrand        Modeling And Using
                                Sujith Kumar            Computer Resources
                                Girish Padmalyan        Over A
                                                        Distributed Network
                                                        Using Semantic

10/396,257      Mar. 24, 2003   Chong Guo Yao           Multi-Energy
                                                        Particle Accelerator

10/403,142      Mar. 31, 2003   Elma Fernandes          Therapeutic
                                Denise Lepley           Polypeptides,
                                                        Nucleic Acids
                                                        Encoding Same, And
                                                        Methods Of Use

10/407,705      Apr. 4, 2003    Gordon C. Pacey         Buried Line Locator
                                                        With Integral
                                                        Position Sensing

10/411,693      Apr. 11, 2003   Demetrio                Use Of The Multipin
                                Sanchez-Martinez        Platform As Anchor

10/418,957      Apr. 18, 2003   Joe Perches             Method And Apparatus
                                                        For Self-Describing
                                                        Externally Defined
                                                        Data Structures

10/423,009      Apr. 25, 2003   Dick Eriksson           Night Vision
                                Jan Erik Kallhammer     Arrangement

10/426,057      Apr. 28, 2003   Susan Warren            Web Server Controls
                                                        for Web Enabled
                                                        Recognition And/Or
                                                        Audible Prompting

10/431,795      May 8, 2003     Allesandro Fabbri       Container Based
                                Earl Ponceti            Crossconnect

10/443,443      May 22, 2003    Howard H. Horn          Torch With
                                                        Rotational Start

10/448,552      May 30, 2003    Vicki Broman            Speaker Recognition
                                                        In A Multi-Speaker
                                                        Environment And
                                                        Comparison Of
                                                        Several Voice
                                                        Prints To Many

10/456,349      Jun. 6, 2003    Phillip G. Seminara     Position Assured

10/449,044      May 29, 2003    Norbert Brun            Indicator Light
                                                        Comprising An
                                                        Optical Piece
                                                        Fulfilling An
                                                        Indicating Function
                                                        In A Self-Contained

10/462,582      Jun. 16, 2003   Kenneth Gainey          Convert Spatially
                                Jonathan Hughes         Separated Antenna
                                James Proctor, Jr.      Package For

10/463,215      Jun. 16, 2003  Charles C. Kuo           Method And Apparatus
                                                        For Capacitorless
                                                        Double-Gate Storage

10/463,551      Jun. 18, 2003   Jeremy Wyn-Harris       Internet Protocol For

10/603,147      Jun. 24, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       5-HTR7 Gene
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Related

10/603,152      Jun. 24, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       Ednra Endothelin
                                                        Receptor Gene
                                                        Disruptions, And
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Related

10/606,028      Jun. 26, 2003   Raymond Chow            Method And System
                                Henry Tang              For Monitoring
                                Christopher M.          Performance Of
                                 Zychowski              Applications In A

10/606,279      Jun. 24, 2003   Dr. Mark E. Van Dyke    Keratin-Silicone
                                Dr. Cheryl R. Blanchard Copolymers And
                                                        Networks (IPN'S)
                                                        Methods Of
                                                        Production And
                                                        Methods Of Use

10/608,583      Jun. 23, 2003   Grant H. Wurdell        Wasteless Laminator

10/609,171      Jun. 27, 2003   Frederic Turquier       Kit, Guide And
                                                        Method For Locating
                                                        Distal Femoral
                                                        Resection Plane

10/615,591      Jul. 9, 2003    Gregory Islas           Thermosetting
                                                        Plastic Foams And
                                                        Methods Of
                                                        Production Thereof
                                                        Using Adhesion

10/622,389      Jul. 17, 2003   Brian Mazur             System And Method
                                                        For Supporting
                                                        Filters and Light

10/627,577      Jul. 25, 2003   John H. Lee             Ruman-Bypass
                                                        Composition And
                                                        A Method Of
                                                        Making The

10/638,863      Jul. 31, 2003   Gordon W. Jim           Multi-Function
                                                        Image Forming
                                                        Device With Build-In
                                                        Read/Write CD Unit

10/640,465      Aug. 13, 2003   Keith Mund              Data Image Cache
                                Jonathan Johansen       Used In Testing

10/641,435      Aug. 15, 2003   Joel Kandel             Method, System And
                                                        Device For Detecting
                                                        Ocular Dysfunctions

10/669,391      Sep. 24, 2003   Brian Keller            Multi-Tap

10/671,894      Sep. 26, 2003   Kwok Tam                Method For
                                                        Generating An
                                                        Image By Means Of A
                                                        Tomography Capable
                                                        X-Ray Device With
                                                        Multi-Row X-Ray
                                                        Detector Array

10/676,484      Sep. 30, 2003   Richard Dykiel          Infiniband
                                Michael Leibensperger   Architecture Subnet
                                                        Replicated Database

10/676,991      Sep. 30, 2003   Richard Dykiel          Method Of
                                Michael Leibensperger   Replicating Database
                                                        Elements In An
                                                        Architecture Subnet

10/697,507      Oct. 29, 2003   Sheldon Aronowitz       Vaporization And
                                                        Ionization Of
                                                        Metals For Use In