United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 05 June 2007

                    37 CFR Sec. 1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR Sec. 1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor is
deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor.  The petition
in each application has been granted.  A notice has been sent to the last
known address of the non-signing inventor or legal representative.
The inventors or legal representatives whose signatures are missing may
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with 37 CFR Sec. 1.63.

Application  Filing         or Legal            Title of
No.          Date           Representative(s)   Invention

29/237,433   Aug. 31, 2005  Lamson Nguyen       Dispenser

29/246,699   May 4, 2006    Jamie G. Polina     Bottle

29/258,778   Apr. 25, 2006  Sin Cheong Hon      Grill Lid
                            Brian Wood

29/262,700   Jul. 7, 2006   Brian Wood          Grill Lid

29/262,701   Jul. 7, 2006   Brian Wood          Grill Lid

10/782,712   Feb. 18, 2004  Clifton Cook        Ergonomic Duty Belt

10/944,878   Sep. 21, 2004  Ali Rusta-Sallehy   Electrolyzer Cell
                                                Stack System

10/980,458   Nov. 3, 2004   Jeffrey Peterson    Fibroblast Growth
                                                Factor 20 And
                                                Methods Of Use Thereof

11/144,096   Jun. 3, 2005   Xiaokun Chew        Technique For
                                                Recording Bias
                                                Current Glitches
                                                In Magnetoresistive

11/275,409   Dec. 29, 2005  Timothy Griffin     Method For Tunable
                                                Egress Selection

11/277,305   Mar. 23, 2006  Jiawei Hong         Method Of
                            Xiaonan Tan         Tolerance-Based
                                                Trajectory Planning

11/287,031   Nov. 23, 2005  Jean-Hugues Royer   Method And System
                                                For Fighting The
                                                Illegal Distribution
                                                Of Protected Works
                                                In A Digital Data
                                                Transmission Network

11/302,517   Dec. 12, 2005  Antoine Labour      Real-Time Computer
                                                Simulation Of Caustics

11/318,260   Dec. 23, 2005  Xiaokun Chew        Technique For Recording
                                                Bias Current Glitches In
                                                Magnetoresistive Heads

11/333,535   Jan. 18, 2006  Jalandar Y. Jadhav  Spray Dried Emulsifier
                                                Compositions, Methods
                                                For Their Preparation,
                                                And Their Use In Oil-
                                                Based Drilling Fluid

11/350,765   Feb. 10, 2006  Julie A. Cook       Method And System For
                                                Selectivity Etching
                                                A Dielectric Material
                                                Relative To Silicon

11/355,620   Feb. 16, 2006  J.J.H. Brouwers     Method For Removing
                            R.J.E. VanWissen    Contaminating Gaseous
                                                Components From A
                                                Natural Gas Stream

11/363,601   Feb. 28, 2006  Martin Barker       Container With A
                                                One-Piece Body

11/363,630   Feb. 28, 2006  Julio Focaracci     Ablated Predetermined
                            Douwe D. Haga       Surface Geometric
                            Nelson G. Todd      Shaped Boundary Formed
                            Janusz B. Wojtowicz On Porous Material
                                                Mounted On A Substrate
                                                And Methods Of Making

11/367,661   Mar. 3, 2006   Roberto Rodriguez   Compositions Comprising
                                                Structurally Stable
                                                Conjugate Molecules

11/376,996   Mar. 15, 2006  Kader Mekias        Barrier Structure And
                                                Nozzle Device For
                                                Use In Tools Used To
                                                Process Microelectronic
                                                Workpieces With One Or
                                                More Treatment Fluids

11/385,416   Mar. 21, 2006  Fouad Fleyfel       Cements For Use Across
                                                Formations Containing
                                                Gas Hydrates

11/397,049   Apr. 3, 2006   Alex Reid           Breakaway Mounting Bracket
                                                Assembly For A Wiper System

11/415,403   May 1, 2006    Clay D. Fette       Volumetric Grafts For
                                                Treatment Of Fistulae
                                                And Related Methods
                                                And Systems

11/430,314   May 1, 2006    L. Greg Meredith    Using Biological Models

11/436,331   May 18, 2006   Michael Lim         Patellar Resection Tool

11/438,185   May 22, 2006   Bin Jiang           Ternary Content Addressable
                                                Memory (TCAM) Cells With
                                                Low Signal Line Numbers

11/445,690   Jun. 2, 2006   Tram Vo             Multi-Component Doping Of
                                                Copper Seed Layer

11/446,444   Jun. 2, 2006   Fanos Christodoulou Methods And Apparatus For
                                                Incorporating Nitrogen In
                                                Oxide Films

11/467,212   Aug. 25, 2006  William Owen        Method And System For
                             Griffin            Implementing A Graphical
                                                User Interface For
                                                A Multi-Fluid
                                                Injection Device

11/474,155   Jun. 22, 2006  Terence Herbert     Multi-Axis Positioner
                            John Galpin
                            Philip Gurner

11/478,090   Jun. 29, 2006  Balasubramanian     Method For Scoring Customer
                             Krishnan           Loyalty And Satisfaction

11/483,128   Jul. 7, 2006   Michael L. Flynn    Construction Payment
                                                Management System And
                                                Method With Automated
                                                Electronic Document
                                                Generation Features

11/492,735   Jul. 25, 2006  Ilwhan Kim          Adaptive Media Control

11/501,097   Aug. 8, 2006   Lu Chow             Battery System

11/502,468   Aug. 11, 2006  Herr Prof. Dr.      Premix Burner With A Swirl
                             Christian O.       Generator Delimiting A                       Paschereit
                             Paschereit         Conical Swirl Space And
                                                Having Sensor Monitoring

11/510,017   Aug. 25, 2006  Mehmet F. Ilker     Poly-Beta-Peptides From
                                                Functionalized Beta-Lactam
                                                Monomers And Antibacterial
                                                Compositions Containing

11/551,257   Oct. 20, 2006  Matthew Klimash     Extractor For Broken Bone
                            Glenn Rupp          Screws