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                    37 CFR Sec. 1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
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Application                     or Legal                Title of
No.             Filing Date     Representative(s)       Invention

29/177,849      Mar. 17, 2003   Martin Miller           Inhaler

09/168,763      Oct. 8, 1998    Thomas Wilkins          System And Method
                                                        For Retrieving An
                                                        Abstracted Portion
                                                        Of A File Without
                                                        Regard To The
                                                        Operating System
                                                        Of The Current
                                                        Host Computer

09/281,767      Mar. 30, 1999   David Schlicher         Television
                                                        Interactive Board

09/348,819      Jul. 8, 1999    David N. Neal           System And Method
                                                        For Providing
                                                        Connection Services
                                                        Using A Data

09/376,786      Aug. 18, 1999   Nicholas VanHeel        Compression Circuit
                                                        For Testing A
                                                        Memory Device

09/498,221      Feb. 4, 2000    Evgueniy Anguelov       Automatic Power
                                Patrick B. Gilliland    Control And Laser
                                David C. Schie          Slope Efficiency
                                Mike A. Ward            Normalizing Circuit

09/556,570      Apr. 24, 2000   Dr. Lucetta Caston      Purified Adenoviral
                                Dr. Toohyon Cho         Compositions
                                Dr. Capucine Thwin
                                Dr. Zheng Wu

09/996,636      Nov. 29, 2001   Marta Fraley            Sensitive Substance
                                Wen-Hsin Wu             Encapsulation

10/083,955      Feb. 27, 2002   Kenneth W. Weinaug      Simulated
                                                        Frozen Beverage
                                                        Composition And
                                                        Method Of
                                                        Manufacture Thereof

10/085,426      Feb. 28, 2002   Brett Holle             Electrical Service
                                                        Disconnect Having
                                                        Tamper Detection

10/122,747      Sep. 6, 2002    Colin Duffy             Powered Oscillating
                                                        Hand Tool

10/170,019      Jun. 11, 202    Gregory Chernov         System And Method
                                Michael Khrapkovsky     For VideoAnd Audio
                                Amir Morad              Encoding On A
                                Gadi Oxman              Single Chip
                                Leonid Yavits

10/174,333      Jun. 18, 2002   Kumd Majumder, Ph.D.    Novel Proteins And
                                                        Nucleic Acids
                                                        Encoding Same

10/188,512      Jul. 3, 2002    Karl D. Forster         Method And System
                                                        For Updating
                                                        An Archive Of
                                                        A Computer File

10/237,922      Sep. 9, 2002    Timothy B. Howell       Method For Making
                                                        A Reinforced,
                                                        Polymeric Article
                                                        In A Reaction
                                                        Injection Molding
                                                        System, Mold For
                                                        Use Therein And
                                                        Article Produced

10/338,894      Jan. 9, 2003    David A. Edgar          System, Method And
                                                        Computer Program
                                                        Product For
                                                        Accelerated And
                                                        Secure Wireless
                                                        Data Transmission
                                                        Over The Internet

10/342,082      Jan. 14, 2003   John McAdams            Article For
                                                        Debridement &
                                                        Of Wounds

10/355,256      Jan. 31, 2003   Lindsay Ridgeway        System And Method
                                                        For Sharing
                                                        Relating To Supply
                                                        Chain Transactions
                                                        In Multiple

10/369,015      Feb. 19, 2003   Lee Guterman            Methods And Devices
                                                        For The Treatment
                                                        Of Aneurysms

10/369,259      Feb. 1, 2003    Vard Joshi              Software, Systems
                                                        And Methods For
                                                        Managing A
                                                        Distributed Network

10/374,848      Feb. 24, 2003   Nir Naaman              Method For Secured
                                                        Data Processing

10/384,395      Mar. 7, 2003    Thomas J. Brennan       CCR6 Chemokine
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Relating

10/385,044      Mar. 10, 2003   Steve Peters            Laminate

10/385,550      Mar. 11, 203    William Kerry Nelson    Fluorinated Thermal
                                                        Set Powder Coating,
                                                        And Method For
                                                        Making The Same

10/389,696      Mar. 14, 2003   Daniel Ericson          Coated Surfaces
                                                        For Immobilizing
                                                        Negatively Charged
                                                        Agents From Blood

10/394,718      Mar. 21, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       TNFAIP1 Gene
                                                        Disruptions And
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Related

10/394,770      Mar. 21, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       P2X4 Ligand-Gated
                                                        Ion Channel
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Related

10/394,755      Mar. 21, 2003   Thomas J. Brennan       Blinac Amiloride-
                                Thadd C. Reeder         Sensitive Sodium
                                                        Channel Disruptions,
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Related

10/394,998      Mar. 21, 2003   Bryan Perry             Adaptor For Dye
                                                        Removal Apparatus

10/395,522      Mar. 24, 2003   Alfred Basichas         System For
                                                        Examining Patent
                                                        & Trademark

10/396,230      Mar. 24, 2003   Christopher Dow         System And Method
                                                        For Aggregating

10/397,823      Mar. 26, 2003   Reza Barazesh           Global Failure
                                                        Risk Score

10/403,977      March 31, 2003  Ruby B. Lee             Parallel Subword
                                                        Instructions For
                                                        Directing Results
                                                        To Selected Subword
                                                        Locations Of Data
                                                        Processor Result

10/410/618      Apr. 8, 2003    Daniel J. Conley        Cardiac Treatment
                                                        Devices And Methods

10/420,905      Apr. 23, 2003   Mark Dale               Queue Depth
                                David Hartman           Extended Headers
                                                        For Docsis Based

10/424,499      Apr. 25, 2003   Noli Libuit             Printed Materials
                                                        Procurement System

10/431,965      May 8, 2003     Donald A. Tomalia       Biocampatible

10/434,455      May 9, 2003     N. Leigh Anderson       Process For
                                                        Obtaining A Protein
                                                        Sample From
                                                        Electrophoresis Gels

10/435,076      May 9, 2003     Yoshio Nishida          Interpolating Sense
                                                        Amplifier Circuits
                                                        And Methods Of
                                                        Operating The Same

10/436,930      May 12, 2003    Ruth Michelle Lassman   Method Of An
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Specification Of
                                                        Products Customized
                                                        With Digital Media

10/444/700      May 22, 2003    Donald DeBear           Planarizers For
                                Shyama Mukherjee        Spin Etch
                                                        Planarization Of
                                                        Components And
                                                        Methods Of Use

10/463,179      Jun. 16, 2003   Sidi Ould Sadfa         Acoustic Wave
                                                        Attenuator For
                                                        A Rail

10/600,238      Jun. 19, 2003   David S. Kellerman      Creation, Viewing,
                                                        And Analysis Of
                                                        The Results Of
                                                        Integrated Circuit
                                                        The Programs
                                                        Consisting Of Scan

10/616,892      Jul. 9, 2003    Sam  M. Chaoui          Automatic Blood
                                                        Analysis And

10/621,288      Jul. 17, 2003   Yakov Belopolsky        Electrical
                                                        Connector And
                                                        Contact For Use

10/698,167      Oct. 30, 2003   Sheldon Aronowitz       Calcium Doped
                                                        Polysilicon Gate

10/706,483      Nov. 12, 2003   Forrest B. Fencl        Germicidal Almp For
                                                        Harsh Environments

10/954,231      Sep. 17, 2001   Glen Jenkins            Preparation Of
                                William Mullee          High Performance
                                                        Silica Slurry
                                                        Using A Centrifuge