United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 20 February 2007

                   Requests for Ex Parte Reexamination Filed

   5,322,938, Reexam. C.N. 90/008,249, Requested Date: Sept.
29, 2006, Cl. 536/024.1, Title: DNA SEQUENCE FOR ENHANCING THE
EFFICIENCY OF TRANSCRIPTION, Inventor: Joan C. McPherson, et. al.,
Owner of Record: Monsanto Technology LLC, St. Louis, MO,
Attorney or Agent: Patricia A. Kammerer, Howrey, LLP, Houston, TX,
Ex. Gp.: 3991, Requester: Public Patent Foundation, New York, NY

   5,452,269, Reexam. C.N. 90/008,246, Requested Date: Oct.
02, 2006, Cl. 368/010, Title: ATHLETIC SHOW WITH TIMING DEVICE,
Inventor: Erik B. Cherdak, Owner of Record: Erik B. Cherdak,
Gaithersburg, MD, Attorney or Agent: Ira C. Edell, Epstein, Edell
and Retzer, Rockville, MD, Ex. Gp.: 3992, Requester: William K. Weimer,
Faegre & Benson, LLP, Minneapolis, MN

   6,964,625, Reexam. C.N. 90/008,247, Requested Date: Sept.
26, 2006, Cl. 473/597, Title: GAME BALL LACING, Inventor: Kevin J.
Murphy, et. al., Owner of Record: Wilson Sporting Goods & Co.,
Chicago, IL, Attorney or Agent: Terence P. O'Brien, Wilson
Sporting Goods & Co, Chicago, IL, Ex. Gp.: 3993, Requester: Owner

   7,065,935, Reexam. C.N. 90/008,248, Requested Date: Sept.
28, 2006, Cl. 052/747.1, Title: METHOD FOR LAYERING AND INTERLOCKING
PANELS, Inventor: Ebermann Ralf, Owner of Record: Akzenta Paneele
& Profile GMBH, Kaisersesch, Germany, Attorney or Agent: Sterne
Kessler Goldstein & Fox, PLLC, Washington, DC, Ex. Gp.: 3993,
Requester: Owner