United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 28 March 2006

                    37 CFR Sec. 1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications with
a petition under 37 CFR Sec. 1.47 requesting the acceptance of the a
pplication without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor is
deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The petition
in each application has been granted.  A notice has been sent to the last
known address of the non-signing inventor or legal representative. The
inventors or legal representatives whose signatures are missing may join in
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37 CFR Sec. 1.63.

Application               Non-Signing             Title of
No.         Filing Date   Inventor(s)             Invention

29/176,631  Feb. 27, 2003 Sandy Kosman            Motorcycle

29/178,635  Mar. 31, 2003 Jerry Louis Esposito    Bottle With Cap

29/178,636  Mar. 31, 2003 Jerry Louis Esposito    Bottle

09/161,960  Sep. 29, 1998 Wayne Gattinella        Computer Implemented
                                                  Medical Integrated
                                                  Decision Support System

09/428,033  Oct. 27, 1999 Riccardo Bennetti       Anticollision Protocol
                                                  With Fast Read Request
                                                  And Additional Schemes
                                                  For Reading Multiple
                                                  Transponders In An RFID

09/517,907  Mar. 3, 2000  Subrahmanyam Dravida    Method And Device For Mac
                          Sanjiv Nanda            Layer Feedback In A
                                                  Packet Communication

09/732,858  Dec. 8, 2000  Nengtan Lin             Image Compression System
                                                  And Method

09/781,780  Feb. 12, 2001 Eli Yablonovitch        Shielded Spiral Sheet
                                                  Antenna Structure And

09/826,035  Apr. 4, 2001  Peter LaFauci           Method And System For
                                                  Logic Verification Using
                                                  Mirror Interface

09/987,772  Nov. 15, 2001 Bruce Archibald Short   Connection Apparatus

10/012,240  Nov. 5, 2001  James Keesey            Method And System For
                          Steve Hansen            Passing Business Objects

10/032,988  Dec. 27, 2001 Steven Matthew Stedman  Method Of Accessing
                                                  Information On A Host
                                                  Computer From A Client

10/036,329  Oct. 19, 2001 Michael Perhaes         Broadcast Browser
                                                  Including Multi-Media
                                                  Tool Overlay And Method
                                                  Of Providing A Converged
                                                  Multi-Media Display
                                                  Including User-Enhanced

10/047,449  Jan. 14, 2002 Geert Dijkstra          Preparation of Satin

10/071,886  Feb. 8, 2002  Eyal Shbiro             Using A Wireless
                                                  Interface For Monitoring,
                                                  Maintenance, And Control
                                                  Of Devices

10/087,684  Mar. 1, 2002  Denise Lepley           Proteins And Nucleic
                                                  Acids Encoding Same

10/137,740  Apr. 30, 2002 Elizabeth D. Liddy      Techniques For
                                                  Controlling Distribution
                                                  Of Information From A
                                                  Secure Domain

10/180,221  Jun. 25, 2002 Jennifer Lynne Drown    Apparatus For Scanning A
                                                  Crystalline Sample And
                                                  Associated Methods

10/192,488  Jul. 9, 2002  Alexandra Mayers        System And Method For
                                                  Payment Using Radio
                                                  Frequency Identification
                                                  In Contact And
                                                  Contactless Transactions

10/210,871  Aug. 2, 2002  Paul R. Baity           Flashing Infrared Beacon

10/236,177  Sep. 6, 2002  Denise Lepley           Novel Human Proteins,
                                                  Polynucleotides Encoding
                                                  Them And Methods Of
                                                  Using The Same

10/250,179  Jun. 10, 2003 Garland Todd Headrick   System And Method For
                          James Edwin Harris III  Using Interactive
                                                  Representations Of

10/269,147  Oct. 11, 2002 Frank W. Harris         Waveplate And Optical
                          Stephen Z.D. Cheng      Circuit Formed From

10/279,252  Oct. 24, 2002 Michel Joie             Biological Fluid Sampling

10/285,833  Nov. 1, 2002  Frances Yen-Potin       OBG3 Globular Head And
                                                  Uses Thereof

10/293,013  Nov. 13, 2002 Denise L. Berryhill     Method And Apparatus For
                                                  A Monodiameter Wellbore,
                                                  Monodiameter Casing And

10/299,491  Nov. 19, 2002 Lee Daniel Feinberg     Interconnections And
                                                  Protection Between
                                                  Optical Communications

10/322,003  Dec. 17, 2002 Erich Boleyn            Methods And Systems To
                          Andrew Glew             Control Virtual Machines

10/326,468  Dec. 20, 2002 Sreenivasa Murthy T     Packet Processing In A
                          Rajneesh Rathi          Wireless Network
                          Pratap Simha
                          Girija Prasanna Swain

10/326,908  Dec. 23, 2002 Dr. Andrew Bacon        Designing Immunogens

10/335,329  Dec. 31, 2002 Anthony Ward            System And Method For
                                                  Gathering And Analyzing
                                                  Database Performance

10/335,332  Dec. 31, 2002 Candice Huang Hardware  Management Of Threads

10/335,678  Jan. 2, 2003  Mark A. Dark            Container For Dispensing
                          Thomas L. Bussiere      Comestibles
                          Stephen C. Dunn

10/339,083  Jan. 9, 2003  Vikram Sharma           Electric Heating/Warming
                                                  Fabric Articles

10/339,183  Jan. 8, 2003  James A. Proctor, Jr.   Maintaining A Maintenance
                                                  Channel In A Reverse Link
                                                  Of A Wireless
                                                  Communications System

10/345,055  Jan. 15, 2003 Mehrdad Nikoonahad      Systems And Methods For
                                                  Inspection Specimen

10/346,924  Jan. 17, 2003 Sam Hahn                Liquid Injectable
                                                  Formulation Of Disodium

10/354,920  Jan. 29, 2003 Tom E. Claeys           Method And System For End
                                                  To End Securing Of
                                                  Content For Video On

10/357,520  Feb. 3, 2003  Shawn G. Coville        System, Method And
                          Lawrence F. Galvin      Computer-Readable Medium
                                                  For Generating User
                                                  Interfaces Used In
                                                  Connection With A System
                                                  For Computer-Based

10/357,820  Feb. 3, 2003  Weizhen Ji              Therapeutic Polypeptides,
                                                  Nucleic Acids Encoding
                                                  Training And Methods Of

10/364,917  Feb. 11, 2003 Keith Kopp              Liquid Crystal Display

10/366,179  Feb. 13, 2003 Deborah Jenkins         Apparatus And Method For
                                                  Computerized Multi-Media
                                                  Data Organization And

10/355,812  Jan. 30, 2003 Michael D. Bishop       Immune Response
                                                  Replication In Cloned

10/357,885  Feb. 3, 2003  John Herrmann           Novel Proteins And
                          Luca Rastelli           Nucleic Acids Encoding
                          Weizhen Ji              Same

10/367,371  Feb. 14, 2003 Michael S. Bailey       Surface Preparation And
                                                  Polymeric Coating Of
                                                  Flat-Rolled Steel And
                                                  Coated Product

10/368,516  Feb. 18, 2003 Ernesto Montelongo      Two-Phase Candy Products
                          De Los Santos           Process For Making
                          Luis Ibarra De La       Two-Phase Semi-Liquid
                          Torre                   Filled Candy

10/369,100  Feb. 18, 2003 Benjamin J. Luft. M.D.  Recombinant Constructs Of
                                                  Borrelia Burgdorferi

10/371,153  Feb. 21, 2003 Richard Biaud           Cassette For Coiling
                                                  Optical Fibers

10/377,122  Mar. 3, 2003  Shui-On Leung           Internalizing Anti-CD-74
                                                  Antibodies And Methods
                                                  Of Use

10/382,141  Mar. 5, 2003  Edward T. McKay         Removable Shower Strip
                                                  For A And Methods Of Use

10/385,321  Mar. 10, 2003 Mozaffar Khazaee        Torque Transfer Clutch
                                                  With Ball Screw Actuator

10/388,027  Mar. 11, 2003 Mikhail S. Shchepinov   Compounds And Methods For
                                                  Analyzing The Proteome

10/395,051  Mar. 22, 2003 Matt Bellis             Media Servowriting System

10/397,055  Mar. 25, 2003 Arthur W. Astrin        Keyed Antenna Adapter

10/400,923  Mar. 28, 2003 Harvey Schneider        Method And Apparatus For
                                                  Stopping A Moving Member

10/403,785  Mar. 31, 2003 Ruby B. Lee             Variable Reordering (MUX)
                                                  Instructions For Parallel
                                                  Table Lookups From

10/403,978  Mar. 31, 2003 Ruby B. Lee             Compare-Plus-Tally

10/406,012  Apr. 1, 2003  Laura Goobar-Larsson    Molecules That Block
                                                  Viral Infectivity And
                                                  Methods Of Use Thereof

10/417,595  Apr. 17, 2003 Jean-Francis Boulot     Pressure Measuring And
                                                  Control System For Tires

10/417,641  Apr. 17, 2003 Lisa Pretecrum          Play Cube To Aid In
                                                  Recognizing And
                                                  Developing Various
                                                  Emotional States

10/418,960  Apr. 18, 2003 Peter J. Knight         Fast Current Control Of
                                                  Inductive Loads

10/423,868  Apr. 28, 2003 Milan Jovic             Reducer Valve For
                                                  Pressurized Gas

10/424,134  Apr. 28, 2003 Andrew MacGinitie       Systems And Methods For
                                                  Evaluating Speaker
                                                  Suitability For Automatic
                                                  Speech Recognition
                                                  Aided Transcription

10/424,539  Apr.24, 2003  Martin de Tezanos Pinto Discrete Particle
                                                  Electrolyzer Cathode And
                                                  Method Of Making Same

10/429,183  May 2, 2003   Kenneth M. Gainey       Adaptive Pointing For Use
                          Jonathan L. Hughes      With Directional Antennas
                                                  Operating In Wireless

10/431,368  May 8, 2003   Shahid Butt             System And Method For
                                                  Quantifying Errors In An
                                                  Alternating Phase Shift

10/434,484  May 9, 2003   Carroll W. Smith        Reflector Assembly For
                                                  Automated Luminaires

10/441,285  May 20, 2003  Harvey Schneider        Automatic Calibration Of
                                                  An Imbalance Detector

10/442,092  May 21, 2003  Harvey Schneider        Temperature Sensor
                                                  Pre-Calibration Method
                                                  And Apparatus

10/442,093  May 21, 2003  Harvey Schneider        Back EMF Measurement To
                                                  Overcome The Effects Of
                                                  Motor Temperature Change

10/442,329  May 21, 2003  Thang M. Tran           Methods And Apparatus For
                                                  Instruction Alignment

10/446,472  May 28, 2003  Lisa K. Jordan          Minimally Invasive
                          Henry Goodson           Treatment System For
                                                  Aortic Aneurysms

10/449,923  Jun. 2, 2003  Francis B. Fatato       Monolayer Foamed
                                                  Corrugated Sleeve

10/455,838  Jun. 6, 2003  Brian T. Cunningham     Flexural Plate Wave
                                                  Sensor And Array

10/459,397  Jun. 11, 2003 Garland Todd Headrick   System And Method For
                          James Edwin Harris III  Providing Interactive
                                                  Representations Of

10/463,869  Jun. 17, 2003 Hector Velez            Cylindrical Seal For
                                                  Refrigerant Tube

10/439,069  May 15, 2003  Chris Nemets            Method And System For
                          Michael Woelki          Machine Vision-Based
                                                  Feature Detection And
                                                  Mark Verification In A
                                                  Workpiece Or Wafer
                                                  Marking System