United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 21 February 2006

                    37 CFR Sec. 1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications with a
petition under 37 CFR Sec. 1.47 requesting the acceptance of the application
without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor is deceased, the
legal representative of the deceased inventor.  The petition in each
application has been granted.  A notice has been sent to the last known
address of the non-signing inventor or legal representative.  The inventors
or legal representatives whose signatures are missing may join in the
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37 CFR Sec. 1.63.

Application    Filing    or Legal                       Title of
No.            Date      Representative(s)              Invention

29/221,817     1/21/05   Lamson Nguyen                  Lavatory Device

29/221,904     1/21/05   Lamson Nguyen                  Lavatory Device

29/222,613     2/2/05    Lamson Nguyen                  Lavatory Device

29/222,679     2/2/05    Lamson Nguyen                  A Lavatory Device

29/223,656     2/17/05   Jesus Ugarte                   Refrigerated
                                                        Display Case

29/223,657     2/17/05   Jesus Ugarte                   End Cap And End
                                                        Wall For A
                                                        Display Case

29/223,658     2/17/05   Jesus Ugarte                   Decorative Profile
                                                        And Corner Cap
                                                        For Refrigerated
                                                        Display Case

29/223,693     2/17/05   Jesus Ugarte                   Decorative Profile
                                                        And End Cap For
                                                        A Refrigerated
                                                        Display Case

09/783,875     2/14/05   Chien-Yu Huang                 Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Floating Point
                                                        Operations And
                                                        Format Conversion

09/894,272     6/28/01   Ram Rajagopal                  System And Method
                                                        For Performing
                                                        Edge Detection
                                                        In An Image

10/388,331     3/13/03   Paul A. Lindo                  A System And
                         Jeffrey L. Allen               Method For
                         Oliver Rist                    Accounts Payable
                         Mark Cowan                     Processing
                         Satish Nagrani
                         Aaron A. Smuts

10/640,582     8/14/03   Dragoslav Colich               High Efficiency
                                                        Planar Magnetic
                                                        Transducer With
                                                        Angled Magnet

10/698,169     10/31/03  Sheldon Aronowitz              Memory Device
                                                        Having An Electron
                                                        Trapping Layer In
                                                        A High-Dielectric
                                                        Gate Stack

10/754,493     1/21/04   Katherine M. Rupp              Apparatus And
                                                        Method For
                                                        Neural Monitoring

10/888,468     9/9/04    Shinichi Mizuno                Exposure System And
                                                        Exposure Method

10/903,191     7/30/04   Michael Endres                 Antibody Vaccine
                                                        Conjugates And
                                                        Uses Therefor

10/935,143     9/7/04    Keith A. Grider                Configurable Shower
                         Mark D. Begin                  System

10/936,817     9/9/04    Eric V. Aiken                  Return On Investment
                                                        (ROI) Tool

10/937,454     9/9/04    Christopher Loret              Microwave-Absorbing

10/948,054     9/22/04   Pen-Pen Chen                   Method Of Mind
                                                        Mapping Utilizing

10/969,982     10/22/04  David Anthony Di Cesare        Vertical Casting
                                                        Apparatus And Method

10/980,886     11/3/04   Scott R. Warren                Multiaxis Focusing
                                                        Mechanism For
                                                        Microarray Analysis

10/992,252     11/18/04  Michael Strathmann             Electrode Array
                                                        Device Having An
                                                        Adsorbed Porous
                                                        Reaction Layer

10/996,458     11/26/04  Hanna Hoffman                  Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Removing Corenal
                                                        Tissue With
                                                        Infrared Laser
                                                        Radiation And
                                                        Short Pulse
                                                        Generator For

11/001,035     12/2/04   Moussa Kfoury                  Method Of
                                                        Determining The
                                                        Components Of An
                                                        Tensor Of A
                                                        Porous Rock

11/004,762     12/3/04   Joshua Finger                  Compositions And
                                                        Their Uses
                                                        Directed To
                                                        Bone Growth

11/020,496     12/21/04  Robert J. Macartney            Distributed
                                                        Infrastructure For
                                                        The Purpose Of
                                                        Ad Hoc Networks And
                                                        Connected Devices

11/029,698     1/5/05    Dr. Piero Del Soldato          Prostaglandin

11/040,200     1/24/05   Craig E. Malone                Wireless Data

11/046,190     1/28/05   James Cullor                   Dector Of Ruminant
                                                        DNA Via PCR

11/047,026     1/31/05   Daniel G. Ericson              Blood Coagulation
                                                        Test Cartridge,
                                                        System, And Method

11/047,982     1/31/05   Marc Henry Burel               Stacking Implants
                                                        For Spinal Fusion

11/054,785     2/9/05    Fadi A. Mahmod                 System And Method
                                                        For Authentication
                                                        Of Embedded Raid
                                                        On A Host Raid Card

11/065,691     2/24/05   Jedediah A. Burmahin           Snap-In Latch
                                                        Housing Assembly

11/066,769     2/25/05   Anderson Huang                 Apparatus And Method
                         Mike Lee                       For Inputting Key
                                                        Signals To Optical
                                                        Disk Player Using
                                                        Analog Signal

11/068,859     2/28/05   Mary Farris, Ph.D.             Nuclecic Acid And
                                                        Protein Entitled
                                                        98P4B6 In
                                                        Treatment And
                                                        Detection Of

11/070,713     3/2/05    John I. Shipp                  Laparoscopic
                                                        Instruments And
                                                        Methods Utilizing

11/076,835     3/10/05   Workman Nydegger               Two-Piece Nose
                                                        Assembly With
                                                        Solid Sleeve For
                                                        Optical Subassembly

11/078,034     3/11/05   Jon Horner                     Method And Apparatus
                                                        For Determining
                                                        Load Current In A
                                                        CPU Core Voltage

11/085,881     3/22/05   Gerald Winton Lankford, Jr.    System And Method
                                                        For Recovering
                                                        From A Software
                                                        Processing Error

11/086,016     3/22/05   James Peck                     Opthalmic Lens
                                                        Package With
                                                        Internal Drainage

11/088,670     3/24/05   Maria L. Isbell                Method And
                         David B. Carolan               System For
                                                        Forming And
                                                        To Facilitate
                                                        Processing And
                                                        Primary And
                                                        Secondary Data

11/088,689     3/24/05   David B. Carolan               Method And System
                         Maria Isbell                   For Collecting,
                                                        Processing, And
                                                        Property Data

11/089,442     3/24/05   David B. Carolan               Method And System
                         Maria Isbell                   For Collecting
                                                        Data To Facilitate
                                                        Real Time Online
                                                        Access And
                                                        Efficient Reporting

11/089,443     3/24/05   David B. Carolan               Method And System
                         Maria Isbell                   For Providing Real
                                                        Time Online Data
                                                        Access And Reporting

11/093,197     3/29/05   Quinn A. Jacobson              Storing Results Of
                                                        Resolvable Branches
                                                        During Speculative
                                                        Execution To Predict
                                                        Branches During

11/112,065     4/22/05   Xun Xie                        Devices And Methods
                                                        For Converting
                                                        A Digital Signal
                                                        Into An Analog

11/117,765     4/28/05   Michael Freedman               System And Method
                                                        For Private
                                                        Information Matching

11/119,993     5/2/05    William R. Jones               Preparation Of

11/121,588     5/4/05    Adam Bosworth                  Adaptive User
                         Richard Burdon                 Interface For
                         Alexander Lloyd                Occasionally-
                         Alexander Bosworth             Connected

11/121,781     5/4/05    Adam Bosworth                  Synchronization
                         Richard Burdon                 Protocol For
                         Alexander Lloyd                Occasionally-
                         Alexander Bosworth             Connected
                                                        Application Server

11/122,294     5/4/05    Adam Bosworth                  Occasionally-
                         Richard Burdon                 Connected
                         Alexander Lloyd                Application Server
                         Alexander Bosworth

11/125,992     5/10/05   Jung-Chun Tseng                Date Driving Circuit
                                                        For Organic
                                                        Light Emitting
                                                        Diode Display

11/130,162     5/17/05   Jon P. Brusseau                Automated Message
                                                        Handling System

11/138,518     5/26/05   Markus Furnrohr                Bag For Heating
                                                        Liquids And Means
                                                        For Heating The

11/140,332     5/27/05   Charles Cinotto                Ballasting
                         Chandra Nair                   Offshore
                                                        With Buoy

11/140,666     5/27/05   Stephen Bultema                Method For
                         John Chianis                   Deploying

11/144,786     6/6/05    Bernard R. Hao                 Multi-Layered
                                                        Ceramic Tube
                                                        For Fuel Contain-
                                                        ment Barrier And
                                                        Other Applications
                                                        In Nuclear And
                                                        Fossil Power Plants

11/150,814     6/10/05   Yingwei Wang                   Method And System
                         Jack C. Wybenga                For Processing
                                                        Frames In A
                                                        Switching System

11/151,676     6/14/05   Dwayne G. Vailliencourt        Container Base
                                                        Responsive To
                                                        Vacuum Related

11/155,003     6/16/05   Jack C. Wybenga                Method And System
                                                        For Switching
                                                        Frames In A
                                                        Switching System

11/160,773     7/8/05    Tzu-Feng Tseng                 Light Emitting
                                                        Diode Having An
                                                        Including A
                                                        Conductive Layer

11/192,257     7/28/05   Stephen L. Goldman             Operating Room
                                                        Lead Connector

11/194,971     8/2/05    Dick Crill                     Method Of Creating
                                                        And Sustaining
                                                        Earthen Hard Pan