United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 27 September 2005

                            Service by Publication

   A petition to cancel the registration identified below having
been filed, and the notice of such proceeding sent to registrant at the
last known address having been returned by the Postal Service as
undeliverable, notice is hereby given that unless the registrant listed
herein, its assigns or legal representatives, shall enter an appearance
within thirty days of this publication, the cancellation will proceed
as in the case of default.

Kindergarten Excellence, LLC Wolcott Connecticut Registration No.
2749822 for the mark "BAFFLE BAG", Cancellation No. 92044651.

Paul Edward Martin Newport Beach, Virginia Registration No.
2840497 for the mark "SOUL SURVIVOR", Cancellation No. 92044754.

Synaptics, Inc., San Jose, CA, Registration No. 2296920 for the
mark "QUICKSTROKE", Cancellation No. 92044213.

Glenn Hattem Larkspur, California Registration No. 2549960 for
the mark "TRANSFORMATIONS", Cancellation No. 92044755.

Roberts Laboratories, Inc., Eatontown, NJ., Registration No.
0605384 for the mark "OREXIN", Cancellation No. 92044129.

Thomas H. Van Hoozer, Kansas City, MO., Registration No. 2608236
for the mark "EDDIE SPAGHETTI", Cancellation No. 92044728.

Bellini Warenvertriebs-Gesellschaft MBH Hamburg, Germany,
Registration Nos. 2207811 and 1962453 for the mark "SOON",
Cancellation No. 92044456.

                                                            KARON E. SELDON
                                      Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, for
                                                         LYNNE G. BERESFORD
                                                Commissioner for Trademarks