United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 27 September 2005

                    37 CFR Sec. 1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications with
a petition under 37 CFR Sec. 1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor is
deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor.  The petition
in each application has been granted.  A notice has been sent to the last
known address of the non-signing inventor or legal representative.  The
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37 CFR Sec. 1.63.

Application                     or Legal                Title of
No.             Filing Date     Representative(s)       Invention

29/176,954      Feb. 20, 2003   Perry Santoro           Display Rack

08/255,873      Jun. 8, 1994    Azuma Murakami          Digitizer Having
                                Yasuhiro Fukuzaki       Flat Tablet
                                                        With Magnetic
                                                        Shield Plate

09/672,603      Sep. 29, 2000   Millind Mittal          Controlling
                                Ken Reneris             Accesses To
                                                        Isolated Memory
                                                        Using A Memory
                                                        Controller For
                                                        Isolated Execution

09/748,324      Dec. 26, 2000   Russell Andrew Johnson  Methods And Systems
                                                        For Intelligent
                                                        I/O Controller
                                                        With Channel
                                                        Via Master/Slave

09/804,931      Mar. 13, 2001   Mark Kaplun             Bus Interface For
                                                        I/O Device With

09/998,595      Nov. 16, 2001   Yih-Shung Lin           Enhanced
                                                        Technique For An
                                                        Integrated Circuit

10/073,741      Feb. 11, 2002   Brett Bannerman         System And Method
                                                        For Fixation
                                                        Of Cranial Flaps

10/097,644      Mar. 15, 2002   Stanley Lachmansingh    Extruded Permanent
                                Cecil Morin             Form-Work For
                                Brian Reimer            Concrete
                                Clifford Ronden

10/190,888      Jul. 2, 2002    Charles A. Gonzales     Network
                                Gilbert Van Hoy         Formatting For
                                                        Remote Location

10/201,641      Jul. 24, 2002   Pierre DE LA Tullaye    Broadcast And
                                                        Reception, And
                                                        Access System

10/264,524      Oct. 4, 2002    David Chi-Shung Wang    Combined
                                John S. Montrym         Floating-Point
                                Mark M. Leather         Logic Core And
                                                        Frame Buffer

10/285,576      Nov. 1, 2002    Gregory M. Kapfhammer   Method For
                                                        And Testing
                                                        Third Party

10/305,584      Nov. 27, 2002   Nathan R. Belk          Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Dynamic Biasing
                                                        Of Baseband
                                                        Circuitry In A
                                                        System Receiver

10/322,685      Dec. 19, 2002   Dr. Fingerle-Rowson     Non-Human Mammal
                                                        With Disrupted
                                                        Or Modified MIF
                                                        Gene, And Uses

10/325,602      Dec. 19, 2002   Jose Quinones           Low Noise Patient
                                Deshan L. Atapattu      Cable

10/340,237      Jan. 9, 2003    Lin Peng                Biodegradable
                                                        Ocular Implant

10/346,242      Jan. 17, 2003   Robert M. Pricone       Sheet Having

10/350,797      Jan. 22, 2003   Joan Richmond           Diagnostic And
                                                        For Biomarkers
                                                        Of Infection

10/353,186      Jan. 27, 203    M. Allen Northrup       System And Method
                                                        For Temperature

10/361,807      Feb. 7, 2003    Paul C. Edwards         Medium Access
                                                        Control In A
                                                        Wireless Network

10/364,800      Feb. 11, 2003   Kaie Ojamaa             Method For Treating

10/365,718      Feb. 11, 2003   James J. Graham         Land Software Tool

10/371,568      Feb. 21, 2003   Bernd Supper            Electric Circuit
                                                        For A Capactive
                                                        Sensor Element

10/375,381      Feb. 27, 2003   Gregory S. Moy          Alkaline Cell
                                                        With Performance
                                                        Enhancing Additives

10/378,283      Mar. 3, 2003    Lawrence J. Friedman    Methods And Systems
                                                        For Check Processing

10/383,201      Mar. 6, 2003    Luca Rastelli           Therapeutic
                                                        Nucleic Acids
                                                        Encoding Same,
                                                        And Methods
                                                        Of Use

10/378,565      Mar. 3, 2003    James A. Proctor, Jr.   Intelligent
                                                        Interface For
                                                        Controlling An
                                                        Adaptive Antenna

10/383,461      Mar. 6, 2003    Malais Wong             Element Management
                                                        System With
                                                        Selected By Last
                                                        Previous Fully
                                                        Qualified Managed

10/384,406      Mar. 6, 2003    Prashant Gupta          System, Method
                                Robert Hagmann          And Model
                                                        For Autonomic
                                                        Management Of

10/384,812      Mar. 10, 2003   Jeffrey G. Hunchar      Antibody-Containing
                                                        Blend Obtained
                                                        From Eggs

10/386,393      Mar. 10, 2003   James A. Proctor, Jr.   Adaptive Receive
                                                        And Omnidirectional
                                                        Transmit Antenna

10/388,964      Mar. 14, 2003   Catherine Phillips      Methods And
                                                        Compositions For
                                                        Directing Cells
                                                        To Target Organs

10/391,489      Mar. 17, 2003   David Wells             Miniaturized
                                                        Imaging Device
                                                        Including Grin
                                                        Lens Optically
                                                        Coupled To SSID

10/391,687      Mar. 18, 2003   Dave Minkley            Protective Sleeving
                                                        And Manufacturing
                                                        Process For
                                                        Producing This
                                                        Type Of Sleeving

10/393,392      Mar. 31, 2003   Guy Lafond              Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Assisted Propulsion

10/394,773      Mar. 21, 2003   Thadd Reeder            Adam29-Like
                                                        Protease Gene
                                                        Disruptions, And
                                                        Compositions And
                                                        Methods Related

10/396,945      Mar. 24, 2003   Rajendran Nair          Circuit Package
                                                        And Methods

10/406,832      Apr. 3, 2003    Shafiul A. Islam        Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Spinning Spider
                                                        Silk Protein

10/407,336      Apr. 4, 2003    Edward Camacho          System And Method
                                 Manibusan              For Using Third
                                                        Party Billing Of
                                                        Point Of Sale

10/408,749      Apr. 7, 2003    Hironori Kato           Controller With
                                                        Fail-Safe Function

10/409,844      Apr. 9, 2003    Kirk Kohnen             High Resolution
                                                        High Dynamic
                                                        Converter System
                                                        And Related

10/410,576      Apr. 8, 2003    Richard M. Ehrlich      Methods And
                                                        For Providing
                                                        Embedded Runout
                                                        Correction In A
                                                        Disk Drive

10/423,054      Apr. 25, 2003   Dick Eriksson           Night Vision Device
                                Jan-Erik Kallhammer     For A Vehicle

10/424,663      Apr. 26, 2003   Vladimir Dubinin        Rechargeable
                                Yuri Spirin             Battery

10/426,002      Apr. 30, 2003   Liat Mintz              Methods And Systems
                                                        For Annotating

10/434,477      May 9, 2003     Carroll W. Smith        Automated Luminaire
                                                        With Light Beam
                                                        Position Adjustment

10/434,690      May 9, 2003     Robert G. Peterson      High Strength
                                                        Fastening System

10/441,283      May 20, 2003    Harvey Schneider        Centrifuge
                                                        Recall And
                                                        Retrieval System
                                                        And Method

10/445,626      May 27, 2003    Agnes C. Hermeline      Multiconfiguration
                                                        Module For
                                                        Hardware Platforms

10/446,887      May 27, 2003    Yanpei Deng             Composition Of
                                Shyama Mukherjee        Chemical Mechanical
                                Dan Towery              Planarization Of
                                                        Copper, Tantalum,
                                                        and Tantalum

10/447,919      May 22, 2003    Jan E. Carr             Method For Designing
                                                        A Product Worn
                                                        On A Body In A
                                                        Virtual Environment

10/452,789      May 30, 2003    Lawrence B. Elowitz     Apparatus And Method
                                                        For Facilitating
                                                        A Search For Gems

10/453,708      Jun. 4, 2003    Steven S. Loehnert      Photo Laboratory
                                                        Management System

10/456,253      Jun. 6, 2003    Richard M. Carlson      Digital Window
                                                        For Photoelectric

10/456,793      Jun. 7, 2003    Clair John Glossner,    Digital Signal
                                 III                    Processor With
                                Erdham Hokenek          Cascaded SIMD
                                Mayan Moudgill          Organization

10/462,569      Jun. 16, 2003   Kenneth M. Gainey       Antenna Steering
                                                        Scheduler For
                                                        Mobile Station
                                                        In Wireless
                                                        Local Area Network

10/635,986      Aug. 7, 2003    Thomas M. Sparico       System And Method
                                                        For Remote
                                                        Automated Play
                                                        Of A Gaming Device