United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 30 August 2005

                    37 CFR Sec. 1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications with
a petition under 37 CFR Sec. 1.47 requesting the acceptance of the application
without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor is deceased, the
legal representative of the deceased inventor.  The petition in each
application has been granted.  A notice has been sent to the last known
address of the non-signing inventor or legal representative.  The inventors
or legal representatives whose signatures are missing may join in the
application by promptly filing an oath or declaration complying with
37 CFR Sec. 1.63.

Application                  or Legal               Title of
No.          Filing Date     Representative(s)      Invention

29/204,416   Apr. 29, 2004   David Wykes            Medical Instrument

29/204,449   Apr. 29, 2004   David Wykes            Docking Device For A
                                                    Medical Instrument

08/795,592   Feb. 6, 1997    Volker Lindenstruth    Apparatus And Method
                                                    For Managing
                                                    Digital Resources
                                                    By Controlling
                                                    Tokens Associated
                                                    With Digital Resources

09/657,041   Sep. 5, 2000    Rysler Alcime          Expandable Supportive
                                                    Branched Endoluminal

09/758,034   Jan. 9, 2001    Pascale Fung           System And Method For
                                                    Utterance Verification
                                                    Of Chinese Long And
                                                    Short Keywords

09/815,947   Mar. 22, 2001   Tuyen Truong           Suspended Bicycle
                             Greg Pumphery          Storage Rack
                             Danny Daniels

10/372,663   Feb. 25, 2003   Bruno Gluck            Alkylpolyglucosides
                                                    Containing Disinfectant
                                                    Compositions Active
                                                    Against Pseudomonas

10/662,168   Sep. 10, 2003   Diego Dayan            Computerized
                                                    Advertising Method
                                                    And System

10/671,001   Sep. 25, 2003   Boris Belyi            Data Validation Systems
                                                    And Methods For
                                                    Financial Transactions

10/672,247   Sep. 26, 2003   Jason R. Brand         Protective Foam With

10/697,249   Oct. 31, 2003   Masaaki Asonuma        Gaming Machine

10/720,833   Nov. 24, 2003   Dave Snyder            Manufacture Of
                                                    Composites By Hot

10/817,181   Apr. 2, 2004    Christopher Hobbs      Compact Fluorescent

10/817,213   Apr. 2, 2004    Jurek Cybuch           Method Of, And Computer
                                                    Software For,
                                                    Classification Of
                                                    Cells Into

10/820,961   Apr. 7, 2004    Shaolin Li             Single Chip
                                                    Wireless Data

10/820,962   Apr. 7, 2004    Shaolin Li             Method Of Secure
                                                    In A Wireless
                                                    Distribution System

10/826,401   Apr. 19, 2004   David Bell             Films And Compositions

10/838,868   May 4, 2004     Raja Banerjea          Associating A Wireless
                                                    Station With An
                                                    Access Point

10/839,118   May 4, 2004     Boro Dropulic          Increased Transduction
                                                    Using ABC Transporter
                                                    Substrates And/Or

10/839,546   May 4, 2004     Thomas E. Larkin       Real-Time Verification
                                                    Of Information

10/849,561   May 20, 2004    Piero Del Soldato      Stain Derivatives

10/853,513   May 24, 2004    Hassanayn Machlab      Wireless Communication
                              El-Hajj               Framework
                             Andrew Smith

10/877,780   Jun. 25, 2004   Eric Yates             Gun Holster

10/887,484   Jul. 8, 2004    Peter J.M. Thoolen     Method For Manufacturing
                                                    A Sequential Backplane

10/890,360   Jul. 13, 2004   Feng Li                Process For Removing An
                                                    Organic Layer During
                                                    Fabrication Of An
                                                    Organic Electronic
                                                    Device And The Organic
                                                    Electronic Device
                                                    Formed By The Process

10/892,700   Jul. 15, 2004   Paula S. Neustat       Adjustable Slip Cover
                                                    For Sofas

10/910,917   Aug. 3, 2004    Andrew Tham            Radio Frequency
                             Jason Rupert Redgrave  Digital-To-Analog                                                                Aubrey Arthur Grey

10/911,403   Aug. 3, 2004    Alexandre Chailleux    Method And System For
                                                    Creating And Managing

10/928,716   Aug. 26, 2004   Yan-Shi Tian           Method For Repairing
                                                    Plasma Damage After
                                                    Spacer Formation For
                                                    Integrated Circuit

10/928,986   Apr. 6, 2004    Charles Frederick Fey  Embedded Electronic
                              III                   Security System

10/930,696   Aug. 30, 2004   Ashley Birkett         Malaria Immunogen And

10/933,775   Sep. 3, 2004    Daniel Randolph        Interactive Information

10/956,679   Oct. 1, 2004    Edison T. Hudson       Network Architecture
                                                    For Remote Robot With
                                                    Interchangeable Army

10/957,067   Oct. 1, 2004    Daniel Tamburrino      Modular Header System

10/957,582   Oct. 5, 1004    Dennis A. Beliveau     Applications Of Waste
                                                    Gas Injection Into
                                                    Natural Gas Reservoirs

10/965,700   Oct. 14, 2004   Douglas L. Peckover    Method And Apparatus
                                                    Facilitating Electronic

10/966,012   Oct. 15, 2004   James K. Petell        Detection And
                                                    Quantification Of
                                                    Prion Isoforms In
                                                    Mass Spectrometry

10/966,161   Oct. 15, 2004   David B. Glasco        Reducing Probe Traffic
                                                    In Multiprocessor

10/997,394   Nov. 24, 2004   Quinn A. Jacobson      Logically Partitioning
                                                    Different Classes
                                                    Of TLB Entries In A
                                                    Single Caching

11/021,947   Dec. 23, 2004   Kenny Aptekarev        Apparatus For Delivery
                                                    Of Ocular Implants