United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 19 July 2005

                Requests for Inter Partes Reexamination Filed

   6,565,008, Reexam. C.N. 95/000,099, Requested Date: Jun.
13, 2005, Cl. 235/492, Title: MODULE CARD AND A METHOD FOR
MANUFACTURING THE SAME, Inventor: Mon Nan Ho, et. al., Owner of Record:
Mon Nan Ho, Hsiu Wen Tu, Kuo Feng Feng, Yung Sheng Chiu, Joe Liu,
Nai Hua Yeh, Wen Chuan Chen, Allis Chen, all of Hsinchu Hsien, Taiwan,
Attorney or Agent: Keith Kline, The Keith Kline Law Firm, Morgan
Hill, CA, Ex. Gp.: 2876, Requester: Third Party Requester: Orient
Semiconductor Electronics, Limited, Kaohsiung, Taiwan; (Attny. Is:
Benjamin J. Hauptman, Lowe, Hauptman & Berner, LLP, Alexandria, VA),
Real Party In Interest: Same as Third Party Requester

   6,723,412, Reexam. C.N. 95/000,096, Requested Date: Jun.
10, 2005, Cl. 428/087, Title: SYNTHETIC TURF, Inventor: Jean Prevost,
Owners of Record: Fieldturf (IP), Inc., TMR-Montreal, Quebec,
Canada, Attorney or Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, LLP,
Falls Church, VA, Ex. Gp.: 1775, Requester: Third Party Requester:
Thomas J. Burger, Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP, Cincinnati, OH, Real Party
in Interest: The Motz Group, Inc., c/o Thomas J. Burger, Cincinnati, OH

   6,729,932, Reexam. C.N. 95/000,098, Requested Date: Jun.
10, 2005, Cl. 446/219, Title: TOY WITH ILLUMINATED POLYHEDRON,
Inventor: Brian Marc Jarvis, Owners of Record: Hasbro, Inc.,
Pawtucket, RI, Attorney or Agent: Martin J. Hirsch, Marshall,
Gerstein & Borun, LLP, Chicago, IL, Ex. Gp.: 3714, Requester: Third
Party Requester: Rose Art Industries, Inc., Livingston, NJ;(Attny. Is:
Ralph W. Selitto, Jr., McCarter & English, LLP, Newark, NJ), Real Party
In Interest: Same as Third Party Requester 

   6,864,766, Reexam. C.N. 95/000,097, Requested Date: Jun.
WIRING PROTECTION, Inventor: Nicholas L. DiSalvo, et. al., Owners of
Record: Leviton Manufacturing, Co., Inc., Little Neck, NY,
Attorney or Agent: Greenburg Traurig, LLP, New York, NY, Ex. Gp.:
2832, Requester: Third Party Requester: Central Purchasing, Inc.,
Camarillo, CA; (Attny. Is: Michael P. Kenney, Amster, Rothstein &
Ebenstein, LLP, New York, NY), Real Party in Interest: Zhejiang
Dongzheng Electric Co., Zhejiang Province, China