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                    37 CFR Sec. 1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR Sec. 1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
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deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor.  The petition
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Application                     or Legal
No.          Filing Date        Representative(s)       Title of Invention

29/201,005   Mar. 9, 2004       Billy Joe Ratliff,      Tire Tread

09/626,710   Jul. 27, 2000      Michelle Rowe           Server Stress-
                                                        Testing Response

09/872,605   Apr. 6, 2001       Mark Muszynski          Apparatus And Method
                                                        For Making Uniformly
                                                        Sized And Shaped

10/181,161   Mar.31, 2004       Richard Daifuku         Prodrugs Of
                                Alexander Gall          Heteroaryl

10/238,842   Sep. 9, 2002       Thomas F. Doyle         High Resolution
                                Robert H. Daubert       Tracking Of
                                                        Mobile Assets

10/249,884   May 14, 2003       Robert Aberman          Financial
                                                        And Methods

10/271,907   Oct. 15, 2002      Olivier Vacher          Bore Bit For Very
                                                        Hard Material

10/290,443   Nov. 8, 2002       Steve Jones             Mucin Synthesis

10/360,791   Jul. 3, 2003       Alexander S. Pouchkarev Safety System For
                                                        Kite That Induces
                                                        Stable And Powerless

10/364,734   Feb. 11, 2003      Joel Quinn              Coaxial Seal For
                                                        A Pump

10/462,375   Jun. 16, 2003      Dean S. Irwin           Device For Oral
                                                        UV Photo-Therapy

10/607,517   Jun. 26, 2000      Stacey Lloyd            Error Reporting
                                Charles Seeley          Network In

10/614,543   Jul. 3, 2003       Mark J. Burzynski       Self-Blunting
 (Reissue)                      Alexander K. Jones      Needle Medical
                                John M. Polidoro        Devices And
                                Carl R. Sahi            Methods Of
                                Chad C. Smutney         Manufacture

10/626,486   Jul. 24, 2003      Jui-Teng Lui            Treatment Of
                                                        Presbyopia And
                                                        Other Eye
                                                        Disorders Using
                                                        A Scanning Laser

10/640,565   Aug. 13, 2003      John Jones              System And Method
                                                        For Selecting And
                                                        Reserving Items

10/641,061   Aug. 14, 2003      Oliver Heise            Method And Device
                                                        For Loading
                                                        Fibers In A Fiber
                                                        Stock Suspension
                                                        With Filler

10/669,275   Sep. 23, 2003      E. Seth Harbuck         Low Cost Fuel
                                                        Pump And Filter

10/711,388   Sep. 15, 2004      Sandra Hazeltine        On-Line Merchant
                                Judith Continelli       Services System
                                                        And Method For
                                                        Resolution Of
                                                        Post Transaction

10/711,652   Sep. 29, 2004      Bogdan Radu             Automotive Ashtray
                                                        Having An Electro-
                                                        luminescent Lamp
                                                        And Method Of
                                                        Making The Same

10/721,187   Nov. 26, 2003      William F. Swisher      Multiple Detent

10/734,358   Dec. 12, 2003      Mohsen Abdollahi        Automated
                                                        Inspection Of
                                                        Materials For
                                                        Package Integrity

10/767,165   Jan. 28, 2004      Amit P. Tripathi        Context Based
                                                        Logging In A
                                                        Computer System

10/799,518   Mar. 12, 2004      Dirk Morris             Methods And
                                                        Systems For

10/799,931   Mar. 12, 2004      Robert Busch            Pressure Trans-
                                Seog Jae Lee            mission Catheters
                                                        For Implantable
                                                        Pressure Sensors

10/820,115   Apr. 7, 2004       Miguel Angel Pagan      Process For The
                                                        Synthesis Of

10/807,032   Mar. 23, 2004      Sanjeev Mishra          Multi-Tier Document
                                                        Management System

10/821,112   Apr. 8, 2004       Mano Dorsey Judd        Virtual Antenna
                                                        Technology (VAT)
                                                        And Applications

10/828,732   Apr. 21, 2004      Johnny Chen Mounphoxay  Optical Bio-Discs
                                                        Including Spiral
                                                        Fluidic Circuits
                                                        For Performing

10/836,089   Apr. 30, 2004      Mike Jones              Data Collection
                                Robert Haines           In A Computer

10/846,245   May 14, 2004       Andrew Odlivak          System And Method
                                                        For Managing An
                                                        Endoscopic Lab

10/847,357   May 18, 2004       Joseph DeBarro          Bi-Layer HVOF
                                                        Coating With
                                                        Porosity For Use
                                                        In Thermal Coatings

10/852,396   May 24, 2004       Teck Chia               Network For
                                John D. V. Dinh         Lifecycle
                                                        Management Of
                                                        Firmware And
                                                        Software In

10/856,157   May 28, 2004       Frank James             Wireless Network
                                                        Cell Controller

10/871,705   Jun. 21, 2004      Christopher B. Bare     Cryopreservation
                                                        Of Plant Cells

10/874,803   Jun. 22, 2004      Alexandre A.N. Baptista Decoupled Vacuum
                                                        Packaging Appliance

10/882,055   Jun. 30, 2004      Peter D. Wendt          Method To Ensure
                                                        Syncronization And
                                                        Reduce  Complexity
                                                        In The Detection Of
                                                        Temporal Watermarks

10/883,878   Jul. 1, 2004       David W. Morris         Novel Compositions
                                                        And Methods
                                                        In Cancer

10/884,365   Jul. 2, 2004       Ken C.K. Chin           Method Of Supporting
                                                        Mobility And
                                                        Session Persistence
                                                        Across Subnets In
                                                        Wired And Wireless

10/884,392   Jul. 2, 2004       Ken C.K. Chin           Hardware
                                                        Acceleration For
                                                        Unified IPSEC And
                                                        L2TP With IPSEC
                                                        Processing In A
                                                        Device That
                                                        Integrates Wired
                                                        And Wireless Lan,
                                                        L2 And L3 Switching

10/884,515   Jul. 2, 2004       Thien-Truc C. Nguyen    Web-Based Electronic
                                                        Compliance And
                                                        Processing System

10/895,571   Jul. 21, 2004      Te Phan                 Overhead Console

10/897,435   Jul. 23, 2004      Marc Robitaille         High Velocity And
                                                        High Dilution
                                                        Exhaust System

10/912,259   Aug. 5, 2004       Barbara Blackman        Machined Cathedral
                                                        Bridal Ring Having
                                                        A One Piece Shank

10/912,814   Aug. 6, 2004       Manoj Maniar            Ph-Responsive Film
                                                        For Intravaginal
                                                        Delivery Of A
                                                        Beneficial Agent

10/928,517   Aug. 27, 2004      Hak Ju Lee              Source Gas Flow
                                                        Control And CVD
                                                        Using Same

10/931,052   Sep. 1, 2004       Christian Oliver        Burner Having A
                                 Paschereit             Burner Lance And
                                                        Staged Fuel

10/931,457   Sep. 1, 2004       Thomas J. Nicolosi,     Megasonic
                                                        System With
                                                        Gasified Fluid

10/932,735   Sep. 2, 2004       Chris Braddock          Method Of
                                                        Displaying Traffic
                                                        Flow Conditions
                                                        Using A 3D System

10/935,901   Sep. 8, 2004       John Ramsay             Cooling Subsystem
                                                        For An
                                                        Fuel Cell System

10/936,953   Sep. 8, 2004       Weijin Li               Microelectromechan-
                                                        ical Actuator With
                                                        A Hydrophobic
                                                        Parylene Coating

10/941,753   Sep. 15, 2004      Pozeng Kang             Low Voltage Logic
                                                        Circuit With Set
                                                        And/Or Reset

10/956,475   Oct. 1, 2004       Bogdan Radu             Console And Object
                                                        Holder Assembly
                                                        For A Vehicle

10/958,984   Oct. 4, 2004       San Chaoui              Automatic Blood
                                                        Analysis And

10/961,935   Oct. 7, 2004       Wei-Jen Lin             Novel DNA Sequences
                                                        Of The Botulinum
                                                        Neurotoxin Complex
                                                        Of Clostridium
                                                        Botulinum Type
                                                        A-Hall (Allergan)
                                                        Strain For
                                                        Production Of

10/967,632   Oct. 18, 2004      Lawrence J. Ventura     Frozen Biocidal
                                                        And Methods Of
                                                        Use Thereof

10/974,344   Oct. 27, 2004      John Romita             Removable Portion

10/974,884   Oct. 28, 2004      Roger Li                Keyboard And Stand
                                                        For Portable
                                                        Computing And

10/978,015   Oct. 28, 2004      Jason Rupert Redgrave   Radio Frequency
                                                        Envelope Apparatus
                                                        And Method

10/979,915   Nov. 1, 2004       Lawrence J. Binder, Jr. Quick-Release
                                 Andrew Tham            Drill-Guide
                                                        Assembly For
                                                        Bone Plate

10/980,659   Nov. 3, 2004       Denise Lepley           Novel Fibroblast
                                                        Growth Factor And
                                                        Nucleic Acids
                                                        Encoding Dame

10/992,959   Nov. 19, 2004      Lubna Shad              Dynamic Currency
                                                        System And Method

11/004,984   Dec. 7, 2004       Darin Wayne Higgins     Systems And Methods
                                                        For Performing Flood
                                                        Zone Certifications

11/015,173   Dec. 17, 2004      Frederick H. Lucas      Mill Box For
                                                        Materials Grinder

11/028,754   Jan. 3, 2004       Enrique Malaret         Bifurcated Stent
                                                        And Delivery System