United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 08 June 2004

                       37 CFR 1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR 1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor is
deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor.  The petition
in each each application has been granted.  A notice has been sent to the
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with 37 CFR 1.63.

Application                   or Legal                  Title of
No.          Filing Date      Representative(s)         Invention

09/286,817   Apr. 6, 1999     Dr. Jeffrey Meisner       Augmented Reality

09/558,174   Apr. 26, 2000    Mark P. Ambrose           System And Method
                                                        For Automated
                                                        Telephone Message
                                                        Routing Using An
                                                        Altered Ani

09/758,245   Jan. 12, 2001    Jean-Pierre Kelles        Method Of Sending
                                                        Voice Messages,
                                                        And System And
                                                        Server Therefor

09/802,314   Mar. 8, 2001     Hiromi Ikegami            Thin-Film Magnetic
                              Chiaki Ikegami            Head Appropriately
                                                        Suppressing Side
                                                        Fringing And Method
                                                        For Fabricating The

09/905,964   July 17, 2001    John C. Middleton         Cordyline Plant
                              Brett Gould               Named "Jurred"

09/911,216   July 23, 2001    William Minckler          Method Of
                              Robert McElhaney          Backtracing
                              William Babcock           Network
                              John Esposito             Performance
                              Davis Foulger

10/058,154   Jan. 25, 2002    Michael Uri Bergens       Adaptive
                                                        Methods And Systems
                                                        For Facilitating
                                                        The Gathering,
                                                        Distribution And
                                                        Delivery Of
                                                        Information Related
                                                        To Medical Care

10/067,106   Feb. 4, 2002     Sajit Bhaskaran           System And Protocol
                                                        For Frame Relay
                                                        Service Over The

10/074,012   Feb. 14, 2002    Charles R. Slater         Radial Jaw Biopsy
                              Kevin W. Smith            Forceps

10/188,309   July 1, 2002     James Eric Brown          Container For
                                                        Receiving And
                                                        Holding Tips

10/191,089   July 9, 2002     Richard Ferrant           Protection Circuit
                                                        Against Voltage
                                                        Or Current Spikes,
                                                        And Clock Circuit
                                                        Using A
                                                        Protection Circuit
                                                        Of This Kind

10/197,002   July 17, 2002    Douglas Taylor            Tamper Evident
                                                        Label With Trans-
                                                        ponder Employing
                                                        Multiple Propaga-
                                                        tion Points

10/210,172   Aug. 1, 2002     Denise Lepley             Therapeutic
                                                        Nucleic Acids
                                                        Encoding Same,
                                                        And Method of Use

10/211,954   July 31, 2002    Ping Liang                Remotely-Coopera-
                                                        tive Scheduling
                                                        Solution For
                                                        Moderating Wireless

10/230,867   Aug. 29, 2002    Chihping Tsu              System And Methods
                                                        For Digital Data

10/233,958   Sep. 3, 2002     Bernard Conrad            Allelic Variants
                                                        Of HERV-K18, Method
                                                        For Analysis
                                                        There of And Use In
                                                        The Determination
                                                        of Genetic
                                                        Predisposition For
                                                        Disorders Involving
                                                        The HERV-K18

10/234,963   Sep. 4, 2002     Rainer Moerig             Vibrator Sweep
                                                        Shaping Method

10/236,104   Sep. 6, 2002     Denise Lepley             Therapeutic
                                                        Nucleic Acids
                                                        Encoding Same,
                                                        And Methods Of Use

10/236,417   Sep. 6, 2002     Denise Lepley             Novel Proteins And
                                                        Nucleic Acids
                                                        Encoding Same

10/236,837   Sep. 6, 2002     John Loewen               Airborne Inventory
                              Mark Reimer               And Inspection
                                                        System And

10/243,997   Sep. 12, 2002    Ravikumar Kudaravalli     Refrigeration
                                                        Source For A

10/246,456   Sep. 19, 2002    Andrea N. Holling         Tamper Resistant
                                                        Electronic Tag

10/246,745   Sep. 19, 2002    Hossein Ghanbari          Compositions
                                                        And Methods
                                                        Of Using
                                                        To Treat Infections

10/256,582   Sep. 27, 2002    Karel Zikan               Optimizing
                              Henry Sowizral            Placement Of
                              Wendell Curtis            MPLS Tunnels

10/263,377   Oct. 1, 2002     Russ Seiber               Selective Coating
                                                        Of A Balloon
                                                        Catheter With
                                                        Lubricious Material
                                                        For Stent

10/272,437   Oct. 15, 2002    Lyn Oligino               Binding Peptides
                                                        Specific For The
                                                        Domain Of ERBB2
                                                        And Uses Therefor

10/278,001   Oct. 22, 2002    Theodore M. Grohs         Vehicle Seat

10/279,251   Oct. 24, 2002    Michel Joie               Biological Sample
                                                        Device Receiver

10/281,301   Oct. 28, 2002    Satoshi Moriya            Method And System
                                                        For Electronic
                                                        Commerce Of
                                                        SemiConductor IP

10/283,002   Oct. 29, 2002    Robert J. Miller          Textured Laminate

10/289,183   Nov. 7, 2002     Holger Hollmann           Atomizer For
                                                        Manual Actuation

10/292,384   Nov. 8, 2002     Griffin K. Gothard        Dual Band Phased
                                                        Array Employing
                                                        Spatial Second

10/293,247   Nov. 12, 2002    M. Cort Atkinson          Methods And Systems
                                                        For Electronic
                                                        Data Exchange

10/293,793   Nov. 12, 2002    Jui-Teng Lin              Methods And Systems
                                                        For Treating
                                                        Presbyopia Via
                                                        Laser Ablation

10/294,488   Nov. 13, 2002    Shan Kristy Lo            Extensible Markup
                                                        Data Reader

10/294,489   Nov. 13, 2002    Shan Kristy Lo            Maintaining
                                                        Persistent Data
                                                        And Flexibly
                                                        Accessing A

10/300,428   Nov. 20, 2002    Timothy Scarafiotti       Data Storage Card
                                                        Having Both Linear
                                                        And Annular Data

10/303,815   Nov. 26, 2002    Earle George Rowan        Protecting Against
                                                        Impulse Expenditure

10/305,827   Nov. 26, 2002    Koichi Ishikawa           Vaporizing
                                                        Reactant Liquids
                                                        For Chemical
                                                        Vapor Deposition
                                                        Film Processing

10/308,459   Dec. 3, 2002     Peter Peterson            Cache Management
                                                        System And Method

10/309,505   Dec. 4, 2002     Yi Zhang                  Substituted
                                                        dazole Respiratory
                                                        Syncytial Virus
                                                        Antiviral Agents

10/309,854   Dec. 4, 2002     Keith Jacobs              Packaging Apparatus
                                                        And Methods

10/310,964   Dec. 6, 2002     Jong-Uk Bae               Method Of
                                                        Polysilicon Thin
                                                        Film Transistor

10/310,965   Dec. 6, 2002     Jong-Uk Bae               Method Of
                                                        Polysilicon Thin
                                                        Film Transistor

10/310,966   Dec. 6, 2002     Jong-Uk Bae               Method Of
                                                        Polysilicon Thin
                                                        Film Transistor

10/310,975   Dec. 6, 2002     Jong-Uk Bae               Method of
                                                        Polysilicon Thin
                                                        Film Transistor

10/314,906   Dec. 9, 2002     Larry S. Horwitz, Ph.D.   Systems And Methods
                                                        For Wavefront

10/315,659   Dec. 10, 2002    Larry G. Thomas           Leak Resistant
                                                        Writing Instrument

10/317,769   Dec. 12, 2002    Sharif Shahrier           System For Context
                                                        Transfer For
                                                        Wireless Internet

10/319,068   Dec. 13, 2002    Elliot R. Ramberg         Diagnostic Assays
                                                        For BCWA

10/319,682   Dec. 16, 2002    Martin Frey               Architecture For
                                                        Managing Computer

10/324,127   Dec. 20, 2002    Amy Shackelford           Flat Tape Cable

10/325,375   Dec. 20, 2002    Robert Lawton             Methods And
                                                        Compositions For
                                                        Inhibiting Binding
                                                        Of IGE To A High
                                                        Affinity Receptor

10/327,544   Dec. 20, 2002    Paul Czarnik              Method And System
                                                        For Implementing
                                                        A Global Name
                                                        Space Service

10/327,545   Dec. 20, 2002    Paul Czarnik              Method And System
                                                        For Creating
                                                        A Peer-To-Peer
                                                        Overlay Network

10/329,153   Dec. 23, 2002    Ronald Joseph Reynolds    System And Method
                                                        For Autonomously
                                                        Data Source
                                                        Bridges Based On
                                                        Semantic Modeling
                                                        Derived From Self
                                                        Adapting Ontology

10/330,599   Dec. 27, 2002    Aleksandr I. Lisovich     Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Following Cells

10/335,238   Dec. 31, 2002    John Andrews              Method For
                                                        Estimating Trends
                                                        In Workers'
                                                        Insurance Claims

10/336,472   Jan. 3, 2003     Bryan Zerhusen            Novel Proteins
                              Jason Baumgartner         And Nucleic Acids
                              Steven Spaderna           Encoding Same

10/336,696   Jan. 6, 2003     John Sess                 Methods For

10/337,633   Jan. 7, 2003     Cynthia A. Christian      Ball Grid Array
                                                        Resistor Network
                                                        Having A Ground

10/339,064   Jan. 9, 2003     Mindy Camphouse           Meaning Processor

10/339,170   Jan. 7, 2003     Roger Bryner              Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Evaluation Of
                                                        Property In

10/342,776   Jan 15, 2003     Kerry Lynn O'Neal         Projectile Backstop

10/346,218   Jan. 17, 2003    Kerry A. O'Rourke         Imaging Table

10/347,187   Jan. 21, 2003    Quigbo Li                 Extended Pathlength
                                                        Detection In

10/348,426   Jan. 21, 2003    Christian Gargiulo        Pressure Vessel

10/350,449   Jan. 24, 2003    Russell D. Bissinger      Swaging Tool
                                                        Including System
                                                        To Determine When
                                                        Connector Is In A
                                                        Proper Position
                                                        For Assembly

10/350,796   Jan. 24, 2003    Robert C. Combs           Business Platform
                                                        With Networked,
                                                        Business Entity
                                                        Access Management
                                                        And Active Content

10/353,813   Jan. 29, 2003    Russell S. Vander Zwaag   Manual Scrubber
                                                        With Vacuum Pick-Up

10/364,289   Feb. 11, 2003    Alice Silverberg          Securing Binding
                                                        Update Using
                                                        Address Based Keys

10/367,582   Feb. 14, 2003    Michael Black             Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Treating Skin
                                                        Using Patterns
                                                        Of Optical Energy

10/367,619   Feb. 14, 2003    James R. Longbottom       Expandable Wellbore

10/370,365   Feb. 18, 2003    Edwar S. Shamshoum        Polyolefin
                                                        Production Thereof
                                                        And Method Of Use