United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 25 May 2004

                   Requests for Ex Parte Reexamination Filed

   5,579,517, Reexam. C.N. 90/007,007, Requested Date: Apr.
19, 2004, Cl. 707/200, Title: COMMON NAME SPACE FOR LONG AND SHORT
FILENAMES, Inventor: Aaron R. Reynolds, et. al., Owner of Record:
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, Attorney or Agent: Same
as Owner of Record, Ex. Gp.: 2171, Requester: David B. Ravicher,
Executive Director, Public Patent Foundation, New York, NY

   5,884,682, Reexam. C.N. 90/007,006, Requested Date: Apr.
13, 2004, Cl. 144/357, Title: POSITION-BASED INTEGRATED MOTION
CONTROLLED CURVE SAWING, Inventor: Joe B. Kennedy, et. al., Owners of
Record: Cae Wood Products G. P., St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada,
Attorney or Agent: Stites and Harbison, PLLC, Alexandria, VA, Ex.
Gp.: 3725, Requester: Mario Theriault, Fredericton, New Brunswick,