United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 16 March 2004


   4,780,318 - Curt H. Appelgren, Kungsbuchu; E. Christina
Eskilson, Molnlycke, both of Sweden, ORAL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITION.
Patent dated October 25, 1988. Disclaimer filed November 21, 2003, by
the assignee, Lejus Medical Aktiebolag.

   Hereby enters this disclaimer to claim 8, of said patent.

   6,494,746 - James D'Addario, Old Westbury, NY. ELECTRONIC
SIGNAL PLUG CONNECTOR. Patent dated Dec. 17, 2002. Disclaimer filed
Nov. 26, 2003, by the assignee J.D. Addario & Company, Inc.

   The term of this patent, subsequent to the term of patent
number, 6,533,617 has been disclaimed.