United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 21 October 2003

                  Requests for Ex Parte Reexamination Filed

   5,184,833, Reexam. C.N. 90/006,767, Requested Date: Aug.
29, 2003, Cl. 279/106, Title: POWER CHUCK, Inventor: Kenneth Cross, et.
al., Owner of Record: Ralph J. Gonnocci Revocable Living Trust,
Rochester, MI, Attorney or Agent: Blyss McGlinn, Troy, MI, Ex.
Gp.: 3722, Requester: James M. McPherson, Dobrusin & Thennisch PC,
Birmingham, MI

   6,447,059, Reexam. C.N. 90/006,764, Requested Date: Aug.
29, 2003, Cl. 123/182.1, Title: APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR RETARDING AN
ENGINE, Inventor: Vincent A. Meneely, Owner of Record: Jennara
Enterprises Limited, Vancouver, Canada, Attorney or Agent: Norman
Cameron, Vancouver, Canada, Ex. Gp.: 3747, Requester: Jacobs Vehicle
Systems, Inc., Bloomfield, CT; c/o Collier Shannon Scott, Washington,

   6,447,059, Reexam. C.N. 90/006,765, Requested Date: Aug.
29, 2003, Cl. 297/228.12, Title: ADJUSTABLE SEAT COVERS FOR HIGH OR LOW
BACK SEATS, Inventor: Stephen Jackson, et. al., Owner of Record:
USA Products, Lodi, CA, Attorney or Agent: Gary Cary Ware &
Freidenrich LLP, E. Palo Alto, CA, Ex. Gp.: 3636, Requester: Eurow
Corporation and Eurow Reilly Corporation, Thousand Oaks, CA

   6,530,469, Reexam. C.N. 90/006,766, Requested Date: Aug.
Inventor: George Howard Messick, Jr., Owner of Record: Maryland
Wire Belts, Inc., Church Creek, MD, Attorney or Agent: Burns Doane
Swecker & Mathis, Alexandria, VA, Ex. Gp.: 3651, Requester: Wire Belt
Company of America, Londonberry, NH; c/o Daniel J. Bourque, Esq.,
Bourque & Associates, Manchester, NH