United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 07 October 2003

                              Notice of Reprimand

   Bruce A. Tassan, of Arlington, Virginia, a licensed patent
attorney, registration number 31,143. In settlement of a complaint, the
General Counsel, on behalf of the Director of the United States Patent
and Trademark Office, has ordered that Mr. Tassan be publicly
reprimanded for violating the following USPTO Disciplinary Rules
("DR"): DR 10.23(b)(5) (engaging in conduct prejudicial to the
administration of justice), DR 10.23(b)(6) (engaging in conduct that
adversely reflects on the practitioner's fitness to practice before the
Office), DR 10.89(c)(5) (engaging in undignified or discourteous
conduct before the Office), and DR 10.93(b) (in an inter
partes proceeding before the Office, communicating orally as to
the merits of the cause with a judge without notice to opposing
counsel); that for the two (2) years subsequent to entry of the Final
Order, Mr. Tassan be prohibited from communicating personally by
telephone or in-person with the TTAB regarding any matter in which he
is representing a client, except that Mr. Tassan may participate fully
on behalf of clients in hearings before the TTAB; and that Mr. Tassan
complete a course of treatment for anger management, and that such
completion be confirmed in a letter signed by his counselor to the OED
Director. This action is taken pursuant to the provisions of 35 U.S.C.
32 and 37 C.F.R. 10.133(g) and 10.159.

September 8, 2003                                           JAMES A. TOUPIN
                                                            General Counsel
                                  United States Patent and Trademark Office
                                                               on behalf of
                                                             JAMES E. ROGAN
                                             Undersecretary of Commerce for
                                  Intellectual Property and Director of the
                                  United States Patent and Trademark Office