United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 07 October 2003


   In the "Request for Ex Parte Reexamination Filed" of
95/000,024, Patent 6,524,031 appearing in the September 2, 2003,
Official Gazette, delete all reference to the patent number. Please
insert the following complete information for the reexamination

   6,524,031, Reexam. C.N. 95/000,024, Requested Date: Jul.
21,2003, Cl. 405/184.3, Title: DEVICE AND METHOD FOR TRENCHLESS
REPLACEMENT OF UNDERGROUND PIPE; Inventor: Robert Ward Carter et al.;
Owners of Record: Tric Tools, Inc., Alameda, CA; Attorney or
Agent: Robert O. Guillot, Intellectual Property Law Office, Campbell,
CA; Examining Group: 3673; Requester: Third Party Requester: Earth Tool
Company, L.L.C., Oconomowoc, WI; c/o Philip G. Meyers Law Office,
Flower Mound, TX; Real Party in Interest: Earth Tool Company, L.L.C.,
Oconomowoc, WI.