United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 05 August 2003

                USPTO Will Mail Copies of All Cited References

   Until further notice, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
(USPTO or Office) will resume mailing paper copies of all references
when first cited with Office actions from all art units in the Patent
Examining Corps, including Office actions for patent applications that
have been scanned into the Image File Wrapper (IFW) system. Flyers
included with Office actions are being revised to be consistent with
this policy.

   It is still the goal of the Office to provide Internet access
to cited references in electronic form through the Patent Application
Information Retrieval (PAIR) system. Until applicants can access copies
of references cited in Office actions using PAIR, the Office will be
sending paper copies of all cited references in accordance with
previous policy.

   Questions concerning this notice may be submitted to Jay Lucas
by e-mail at Jay.Lucas@uspto.gov or by telephone at (703) 308-6868.
Comments may also be submitted by mail addressed to: Commissioner for
Patents, Box Comments  -  Patents, Post Office Box 1450, Alexandria, VA
22313-1450, or by facsimile to (703) 305-2919, marked to the attention
of Jay Lucas.

                                                           STEPHEN G. KUNIN
                                                    Deputy Commissioner for
                                                  Patent Examination Policy