United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 15 April 2003

                      37 CFR  1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR  1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor is
deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor.  The petition
in each application has been granted.  A notice has been sent to the last
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37 CFR  1.63.

Application                     Non-Signing
No.             Filing Date     Inventor(s)         Title of Invention

29/149,860      Oct. 18, 2001   Charles East        Miniature Automated
                                                    Teller Machine

29/153,035      Dec. 20, 2001   Alvin Tolosa        Lever Handle

29/158,028      Mar. 28, 2002   Issac Zaksenberg    Dispenser

09/478,848      Jan. 7, 2000    Anthony C.F. Perry, Initiation Of Full
                                  Ph.D.             Mammalian Oocyte
                                                    Activation By
                                                    Multiple Sperm

09/551,806      Apr. 18, 2000   John Gilman         System And Method
                                Eric F. Halsey      For Graphic Creation
                                Michael E. Raymer   Of A Medical Logical
                                                    Module In The Arden
                                                    Syntax File Format

09/558,024      Apr. 25, 2000   Ian Yiying Hwa      Modular Electric
                                                    Steering Gear Assembly

09/619,290      July 19, 2000   Robert Sackstein    Sulfation-Independent
                                                    L-Selectin Or
                                                    E-Selectin Ligand
                                                    (Hcell) And
                                                    Therapeutics Thereof

09/652,137      Aug. 31, 2000   Guarionex (Gary)    Barrier Metal Stack
                                  Morales           For Hydrophilic Low K
                                                    Dielectric Films

09/683,233      Dec. 4, 2001    Helmut Ponn         Vehicle Lock Device

09/683,234      Dec. 4, 2001    Helmut Ponn         Vehicle Lock Device

09/702,828      Nov. 1, 2000    Yuko Takahashi      Automobile Interior Or
                                                    Exterior Trim Material

09/727,088      Nov. 30, 2000   Jack Daugherty      Apparatus And Method
                                                    For Die Casting

09/734,414      Dec. 11, 2000   Wai C. Chan         Integrated Hangtag
                                                    Production System

09/800,963      Mar. 8, 2001    Alain Trottet       Machine For Wrapping
                                                    A Load With A Device
                                                    For Pleating
                                                    A Width Of Film

09/817,901      Mar. 26, 2001   Chris Feller        Methods, Systems And
                                                    Media Players For
                                                    Rendering Different
                                                    Media Types

09/821,868      Mar. 30, 2001   David A. Small      Plasma Arc Torch And
                                                    Method For Improved
                                                    Life Of Plasma Arc
                                                    Torch Consumable Parts

09/876,170      June 7, 2001    Helmut Ponn         Cylinder Lock

09/880,138      June 12, 2001   David A. Stenger    Biosensor For Use In
                                                    Toxicity Assessment
                                                    And Pharmacological

09/887,528      June 25, 2001   Michael A. Ekhaus   Method And System For
                                                    High Performance

09/899,810      July 5, 2001    David Elder         Method And System
                                Claus Moldt         Of Valuating Used
                                William Kenji       Vehicles For Sale
                                  Morrow            At An Electronic
                                William Wilson      Auction Using A

09/915,009      July 25, 2001   Janne Linkola       Method And System For
                                                    The Routing Of
                                                    Short Messages

09/924,156      Aug. 7, 2001    Kathleen I.         Method For Treating
                                  McMillan          Acne

09/932,532      Aug. 17, 2001   Alan Britt          Cylinder Head And
                                                    Manufacturing And
                                                    Assembly Techniques

09/932,831      Aug. 17, 2001   Jingsong Zhu        Design And Synthesis Of
                                                    Advanced NLO
                                                    Materials For

09/946,061      Sep. 4, 2001    Roberto Licon       System And Method For
                                                    Selecting Content
                                                    For Displaying Over
                                                    the Internet Based
                                                    Upon Some User Input

09/948,382      Sep. 6, 2001    Ronald Schaffer     Reinforcing Strips
                                                    For Corrugated
                                                    Paperboard And
                                                    Related Method
                                                    And Apparatus For
                                                    Its Manufacture

09/957,218      Sep. 20, 2001   Robert A. Schetty,  Alloy Composition
                                  III               And Plating Method

09/975,011      Oct. 12, 2001   James A. Thomson    Clonal Human Embryonic
                                                    Stem Cell Lines
                                                    And Methods Of
                                                    Generating Same

09/976,457      Oct. 15, 2001   John Matthews       Swing Check Valve

09/992,239      Nov. 6, 2001    Matthew A. Ward     Information Retrieval
                                                    And Display

09/994,556      Nov. 27, 2001   Dojun Rhee          Unequal Error
                                                    Reed-Muller Code
                                                    Generator And Decoder

09/999,784      Oct. 23, 2001   Alan Sohler         Portable Download Unit
                                                    Including A Memory
                                                    Chip-To-CD Burner

10/022,926      Dec. 18, 2001   Gregory Anderson    Methods And Apparatus
                                                    For Automated
                                                    Monitoring And
                                                    Action Taking
                                                    Based On Decision
                                                    Support Mechanism

10/023,517      Dec. 17, 2001   Chandrika Govardhan Methods For Preparing
                                Nazar Khalaf        Purified Lipopeptides

10/024,143      Dec. 21, 2001   Scott Marc          Biocompatible
                                  Cannizzaro        Polymers And
                                J. Christopher      Adhesives:
                                  Marmo             Compositions,
                                                    Methods Of Making
                                                    And Uses Related

10/035,405      Nov. 8, 2001    James Janesick      Multi-Mode Imager
                                                    With Pinned Photo
                                                    Region Photoreceptors

10/037,383      Jan. 4, 2002    Dominic Wai-Kwing   Liquid Detergent
                                  Yeung             Compositions Comprising
                                                    Quaternary Nitrogen-
                                                    Containing And/Or
                                                    Zwitterionic Polymeric
                                                    Suds Enhancers

10/038,373      Jan. 4, 2002    Dominic Wai-Kwing   Compositions And
                                  Yeung             Methods For Using Amine
                                                    Oxide Monomeric
                                                    Polymeric Suds

10/039,210      Jan. 4, 2002    Rohan Coelho        Real-Time Prescription
                                                    Transaction With
                                                    Adjudication Across
                                                    A Network

10/043,698      Jan. 9, 2002    Isaac Bentolilia    System And Method For
                                                    Behavioral Model
                                                    Clustering In
                                                    Television Usage,
                                                    Advertising Via
                                                    Model Clustering,
                                                    And Preference
                                                    Programming Based
                                                    On Behavioral
                                                    Model Clusters

10/043,714      Jan. 9, 2002    Ariel Isaac         System, Method, And
                                  Bentolila         Software Application
                                                    For Targeted
                                                    Advertising Via
                                                    Behavioral Model
                                                    Clustering, And
                                                    Behavioral Model

10/060,946      Jan. 30, 2002   Eric Boyer          Multiplexer/

10/061,460      Feb. 1, 2002    Dr. Bernard Bihain  GSSP3
                                Barbara Bour        Polynucleotides
                                John Chicca         And Polypeptides
                                Dana Ebbets-Reed    And Uses Thereof
                                Frances Yen-Potin

10/068,289      Feb. 6, 2002    Ping Wang           Dual Transformer
                                                    Circuit For XDSL
                                                    Modem Implementation

10/075,083      Feb. 12, 2002   David R. Lee        Methods And Apparatus
                                                    For Wireless
                                                    Upload And Download
                                                    Of Aircraft Data

10/076,967      Feb. 5, 2002    William T. Hutchens Method For Correlation
                                                    Gene Expression
                                                    Profiles With
                                                    Protein Expression

10/078,281      Feb. 18, 2002   Mick Benner         Method For Providing
                                                    Wide Area Generation
                                                    Control And Demand
                                                    Monitoring Through A
                                                    Single Communications

10/080,642      Feb. 22, 2002   Robert J.           Stimulating Cell
                                  Fitzsimmons       Receptor Activity Using
                                                    Electromagnetic Fields

10/084,652      Feb. 28, 2002   Tat C.B. Yu         Spacers For Cells
                                                    Having Spaced
                                                    Opposed Substrates

10/085,358      Feb. 28, 2002   John G. Franjione   Apparatus For
                                                    Contaminant Removal
                                                    Using Natural
                                                    Convection Flow And
                                                    Changes In
                                                    Concentrations By

10/086,313      Feb. 28, 2002   Jeffrey Loucks      Method For
                                                    Selecting A
                                                    Bluetooth Access

10/094,497      Mar. 8, 2002    Nicholas A. French  Crate Locking Device

10/104,307      Mar. 22, 2002   Michael Hogan       Hybridization Rate
                                Tom Powdrill        Enhancement For
                                                    Specific Nucleic
                                                    Acid-Binding Agents

10/109,173      Mar. 28, 2002   Daryl J. Chymyck    Integrated Services
                                                    Hub Eeprom Network
                                                    Time Record For
                                                    Warrenty Tracking

10/113,841      Mar. 29, 2002   Mary Ann Gilbert    Request For
                                                    Quote (RFQ) And
                                                    Inside Markets

10/117,595      Apr. 1, 2002    Peter D. DeVries    Method And Apparatus
                                                    For Providing Hydrogen

10/121,473      Apr. 12, 2002   Sami Daoud          Constant Output
                                                    Pyrotechnic Initiator

10/122,703      Apr. 11, 2002   Martin A. Eglitis   Use Of Marrow-Derived
                                                    Glial Progenitor
                                                    Cells As Gene Delivery
                                                    Vehicles Into The
                                                    Central Nervous System

10/123,549      Apr. 16, 2002   David Rootes        Bladed Rotor With A
                                                    Tiered Blade To
                                                    Hub Interface

10/124,021      Apr. 16, 2002   Anthony Mark Jones  Method Of Determining
                                                    Library Parameters
                                                    Using Timing Surface

10/124,887      Apr. 17, 2002   Erez Shmuel         Sloped Chamber Top
                                                    For Substrate

10/125,654      Apr. 18, 2002   Joseph M. Regan     System, Device, And
                                                    Method For Improving
                                                    Communication Network
                                                    Reliability Using Trunk

10/126,482      Apr. 19, 2002   Frank Swenson       Methods And
                                                    Compositions For
                                                    Inhibiting Bacterial
                                                    Attachment To Surfaces

10/127,115      Apr. 22, 2002   Darin Wayne Higgins System And Method
                                                    For Synchronizing
                                                    Map Images

10/135,708      Apr. 30, 2002   James Janesick      Multi-Mode Imager With
                                                    Pinned Photo Region

10/140,426      May 7, 2002     Michael Thomas      Flash Curing In
                                  Sherwood          Selective Deposition

10/143,487      May 9, 2002     Kenneth S. Bembenek Pediatric Formulation
                                                    Of Gatifloxacin

10/143,602      May 10, 2002    Perry Collaer       Hardened Cargo

10/163,500      June 7, 2002    Jinman Kim          Providing Mobility In
                                                    A Distributed

10/163,501      June 7, 2002    Jinman Kim          Broadband
                                                    Service With
                                                    Service Capability
                                                    For Mobile Terminals

10/167,817      June 12, 2002   Adin Hyslop         Memory Device Tester
                                                    And Method For
                                                    Testing Reduced
                                                    Power States

10/185,665      June 27, 2002   Christopher B.      Stamping Device

10/186,301      July 1, 2002    Evgeny Nudler       Nitrosation-Inducible
                                                    Inhibitors Biological

10/188,020      July 1, 2002    Frank Swenson       Novel Synergistic
                                                    And Methods

10/190,257      July 5, 2002    Dennis M. Madigan   Fixed And Variable
                                                    Locking Fixation

10/195,952      July 16, 2002   Phillip Mancini     System And Method Of
                                                    Accessing And
                                                    Recording Messages
                                                    At Coordinate Way

10/197,985      July 18, 2002   William Chaffin     Adjustable Suspension
                                Emmitt A.           Hanger Assembly

10/200,488      July 23, 2002   Harald Schmidt      Apparatus And Method
                                                    For Heating
                                                    Injection Molding

10/241,098      Sep. 11, 2002   Jack Palazzolo      Climate Control
                                                    System Outlet