United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 26 November 2002

                          Certain Fees to be Adjusted

   The United States Patent and Trademark Office (referred to as
"we" or "our" in this notice) is adjusting certain patent fee
amounts and a trademark fee amount to reflect fluctuations in the
Consumer Price Index (CPI). Also, we are adjusting, by a corresponding
amount, a few patent fees (37 CFR 1.17(e), (r), (s), and (t)) that
track the affected fees (either 37 CFR 1.16(a) or 1.17(m)). The
Director is authorized to adjust these fees annually by the CPI to
recover the higher costs associated with doing business.

   In addition, we are amending several patent and trademark
document supply fees to streamline operations and to benefit our
customers. We are eliminating the current 37 CFR 1.19(a)(1)(ii),
(a)(1)(iii), (b)(1)(i), 2.6(b)(1)(ii), (b)(1)(iii), and (b)(2)(i) fees
and reducing the current 37 CFR 1.19(b)(1)(ii) and 2.6(b)(2)(ii) fees.
The cost benefit from streamlining our operations will be passed on to
our customers. "At cost" services are still available for urgent
(e.g., same day) service.

   Legislation has also been introduced in the Congress that would
alter our fees. If enacted, this legislation would supersede many of
the fees identified in this notice.

   The effective date for the adjustments to the fee amounts shown
below will be January 1, 2003. Small entity fee amounts, if applicable,
appear in parentheses.

   A final rule amending the rules of practice in patent and
trademark cases to indicate the new fee amounts will be published in
the Federal Register. This notice satisfies the requirement
for publication in the Official Gazette of the United States
Patent and Trademark Office. The final rule and the new fee
schedule will be posted to our Web site in the near future.

   Patent and trademark customers are responsible for paying the
correct fee amounts. We advise our customers to refer to our official
Web site (www.uspto.gov), or contact the General Information Services
Division at (703) 308-4357 or (800) 786-9199 for the most current fee
amounts and information.

Patent Fees (Small entity fee amounts, if applicable, appear in

                                            Current         New
37 CFR Sec. Description                     Fee Amount      Fee Amount

1.16(a)     Basic filing fee - Utility      $740 ($370)     $750 ($375)
1.16(a)     Basic filing fee - Utility      $740 ($370)     $750 ($375)
1.16(g)     Plant filing fee                $510 ($255)     $520 ($260)
1.16(g)     Plant filing fee (CPA)          $510 ($255)     $520 ($260)
1.16(h)     Reissue filing fee              $740 ($370)     $750 ($375)
1.16(h)     Reissue filing fee (CPA)        $740 ($370)     $750 ($375)
1.17(a)(2)  Extension for response within   $400 ($200)     $410 ($205)
            second month
1.17(a)(3)  Extension for response within   $920 ($460)     $930 ($465)
            third month
1.17(a)(4)  Extension for response within   $1,440 ($720)   $1,450 ($725)
            fourth month
1.17(a)(5)  Extension for response within   $1,960 ($980)   $1,970 ($985)
            fifth month
1.17(e)     Request for continued           $740 ($370)     $750 ($375)
            examination (RCE) (1.114)
1.17(m)     Petition to revive              $1,280 ($640)   $1,300 ($650)
            unintentionally abandoned
1.17(r)     Filing a submission after       $740 ($370)     $750 ($375)
            final rejection (1.129(a))
1.17(s)     For each additional invention   $740 ($370)     $750 ($375)
            to be examined (1.129(b))
1.17(t)     Acceptance of unintentionally   $1,280          $1,300
            delayed claim for priority
1.18(a)     Utility issue fee               $1,280 ($640)   $1,300 ($650)
1.18(b)     Design issue fee                $460 ($230)     $470 ($235)
1.18(c)     Plant issue fee                 $620 ($310)     $630 ($315)
1.20(e)     Maintenance fee - due at        $880 ($440)     $890 ($445)
            3.5 years
1.20(f)     Maintenance fee - due at        $2,020 ($1,010) $2,050 ($1,025)
            7.5 years
1.20(g)     Maintenance fee - due at        $3,100 ($1,550) $3,150 ($1,575)
            11.5 years
1.492(a)(1) IPEA - U.S.                     $710 ($355)     $720 ($360)
1.492(a)(2) ISA - U.S.                      $740 ($370)     $750 ($375)
1.492(a)(3) USPTO not ISA or IPEA           $1,040 ($520)   $1,060 ($530)
1.492(a)(5) Filing with EPO or JPO          $890 ($445)     $900 ($450)
            search report

Trademark Fee

                                            Current         New
37 CFR Sec. Description                     Fee Amount      Fee Amount

2.6(a)(1)   Application for registration,   $325            $335
            per class

Document Supply Fees

Current        New                                  Current     New
37 CFR Sec.    37 CFR Sec.  Description             Fee Amount  Fee Amount

1.19(a)(1)(i)  1.19(a)(1)   Printed copy of patent  $3          unchanged
                            w/o color
1.19(b)(1)(ii) 1.19(b)(1)   Certified copy of       $30         $20
                            patent application
                            as filed
2.6(b)(1)(i)   2.6(b)(1)    Printed copy of each    $3          unchanged
                            registered mark
2.6(b)(2)(ii)  2.6(b)(2)    Certified copy of       $30         $15
                            trademark application
                            as filed

   Questions concerning this notice should be forwarded to Matthew
Lee by telephone at (703) 305-8051, or by e-mail at

November 4, 2002                                          SANDRA L. WEISMAN
                                         Acting Chief Financial Officer and
                                               Chief Administrative Officer